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  1. KawaiiBabyjenni

    ABU Lavenders are gone.

    Just visited abuniverse, and lavenders are no longer listed on the site. Just thought I'd let everyone know.
  2. KawaiiBabyjenni


    Anybody else play this?
  3. KawaiiBabyjenni

    ESO xbox one

    Anyone else play this? Look me up CraZ Gamer Gurl I would love to have in game companions
  4. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Recent happenings in my life.

    So in that last 3 weeks some amazing things have happened. I met someone who by chance was completely into the whole mommy/baby idea. Now almost everything we do together we do as mommy, and baby. That includes going out. It's such a wonderful feeling. I was so lucky to have found her. I...
  5. KawaiiBabyjenni

    J&OR Onesie

    So, the J&OR company recently delved into the abdl genre. Their first products are the lavender onesie, and pacifier. The onesie cost $19.99 and include a matching pacifier. The onesie is of great quality, the only con is the white sleeve border which is not very flexible and can be...
  6. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Kid's undies

    Does anyone else wear undies made for children?
  7. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Channeling your talents to make extra money

    So, I am a girl with a few talents, some of which excell more than others. I am working on a sculpting a model parts kit, as sculpting is my strong suit. Is there anyone else doing this? If so, what talent do you have that you are using to make a little extra money with?
  8. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Goodwill Find

    Just found a cute Skirt-all at my local Goodwill, and had to buy it. Though I can wear it, I need to lose a few lbs to fit it right.
  9. KawaiiBabyjenni

    What's your xbox live name?

    I was thinking we could post our xbox live names and add each other. Mine's CraZ Gamer Gurl.
  10. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Wal-Mart clearance finds!

    Found this really cute onsie for $4.00 on clearance. I love it! As well as some cute yoda pajamas. What great finds have you found on clearance?
  11. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Stuck at home...

    I hate being stuck at home with no car... and no friends to hang out with... It's very lonely... I don't have a a lot of xbox games, and even fewer xbox live friends so there's never anyone to play online with... I guess I'm just super bored cause i never get to go anywhere anymore. I do...
  12. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Chronicles of Mystara 360

    Anyone else play this game? I'm trying to get a team of decent players together. Gamer tag is CraZ Gamer Gurl
  13. KawaiiBabyjenni

    New ABDL Diaper Company?

    So I was browsing the Internet and came across a new brand of ABDL diapers called Bare Bum. Anyone else ever heard of these guys?
  14. KawaiiBabyjenni

    New ABU Diaper

    I have just received word of ABU's newest addition the Space Diaper. With a projected capacity of 5000ml. More information is available on their website. What are your thoughts on these?
  15. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Cute juvenile style panties

    I found these online and ordered them. They are as cute as they look. A note on japanese sizes. Jp Med = US Sm, and Jp Lrg = US Med
  16. KawaiiBabyjenni


    Hi everyone, first time posting in the incontinence forum. Lately I've been having issues with minor bed wetting. Just two nights ago had I not woken up as it started, I would have soaked my bed. I still woke up with a huge wet spot in my sleep shorts. I've also noticed minor leaking during...
  17. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Possibly the perfect adult baby diaper idea

    So I was browsing alibaba and found a design that is a near perfect adult sized equivalent of a modern baby diaper. Yes the design needs a few tweaks but I think it's more than possible. Why...
  18. KawaiiBabyjenni

    info on certain diaper?

    Does anyone know anything about this AB Standard Diaper from Germany? I can't find any information about it.
  19. KawaiiBabyjenni

    My modified Hello Kitty bibs

    Hi all, So I bought these a few days ago at Walmart, and obviously the opening for the neck would never have fit an adult. So I modded them, and now they will fit any regular adult. What do you think?
  20. KawaiiBabyjenni

    Drinking Similac...

    So the other day I went to the store and bought some ready to drink Similac. Needless to say when I finally drank my first taste from my bottle I thought it was ok but kind of odd tasting. Well by the time I was about half through, (this was a 9oz bottle mind you) I swear to god I wanted to...