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  1. siysiy

    Dotty the pony

    I might get some for my Little bro for when he is being a big girl's blouse. Hee, hee
  2. siysiy

    Puppy play and Little Space

    Hi we have just been to the event. And met other Littles/puppies so much fun. We didn't win the race but I have trained him to sit and to say please (sit up and beg.) And to come to his name. I got to be in Little space to. Hugs and thanks
  3. siysiy

    Am i the only one?

    Hi Kiddo They are not going to lock you away unless you are going to harm yourself or others through mental health Talking this through will help you believe me. It is through seeing a therapist that I could that I am a Little and my life had got so much better. You can also PM if you...
  4. siysiy

    My new nursery

    Enjoy I not jelus or anything
  5. siysiy

    outed the good and bad

    I was outed at work and I lost my job because of it. Thar was bad time but I end up living in a Littles house and being part of a Littles family. So good came from it. I not that good at protecting to be a adult. So people find out that I am very young personally quickly anyway. I don't...
  6. siysiy

    Am i the only one?

    Are you talking about self harm kiddo. IF you are please find help. But you not the only one I know it feels like it, we all been there at some point. Reaching out to this community will show you that there are lots if us that like /need to regress. If you can got to meet up you can find...
  7. siysiy

    Puppy play and Little Space

    Hi everyone Do you like my puppy. He is a raskel so I put him in one. We are going to the munch tomorrow. As a new event they have a puppy obsical race with the other puppys and there handlers. I keep everyone up dated Hugs
  8. siysiy

    vanilla friend asked for abdl pictures

    I am glad you have such supporting friends. but the sounds like she may actually want to try ABDL out for herself.
  9. siysiy

    REALLY close to getting caught!

    I know it hard kiddo. but it is not going to be forever. I don't know your living situation. so I don't know if it is possible to let your parents about being A Little and your need to regress. or whether it would be possible for you to move out and into a place of your own. I know that...
  10. siysiy

    first abdl campout

    what else did you get up to on your came out Kiddo
  11. siysiy

    Puppy play and Little Space

    When he is in Little space he likes me pushing it a bit. Like putting a bib on him and feeling him. And he returns the favour. But this as come from building up the trust we have with each other. He like to be a brat so he gets spanked but I know what he is thinking and planning in his...
  12. siysiy

    Puppy play and Little Space

    I will talk Issac Puppy space time through with him more just like when he is going into Little space so he will feel safe if I bring in other handlers. It is going to be his first time as a puppy. As a Little I know his Qs his yes and no's and maybe's But as a puppy they may change as he not...
  13. siysiy

    First munch for my little girl...

    The munchies that I goto are usually great. I have only been to one that was not so good they tryed to run it like a day nursery but with our any money for toys. But me made the best of it and I regress anyway got told off for blowing bubbles in my milk. Nursery teacher : are you blowing...
  14. siysiy

    Puppy play and Little Space

    hi yes this is my concern. we are going to an event whre I can regerss into Little space and be in a nursery with othe Littles. but how can I do that and play with my new Puppy? there will be other handlers that may like to help a Little with his puppy, this just might work so I dont have...
  15. siysiy

    Just for fun questionnaire

  16. siysiy

    Just for fun questionnaire

    Hi everyone This is just for fun. Thinking about what questions to ask someone about being a ABDL Little I come up with these questions. Please don’t feel that you have to answer any of them. But I think It might interesting to read each other answers and to see to see what other Little...
  17. siysiy

    what would you want to see in an abdl test

    Hee, hee I was thinking about this as there are lots of question some one could ask on a test. I ended up finding something on the internet about questions you can ask to find out about someone, so I made it about being ABDL Little. found one on the internet and made it about be a...
  18. siysiy

    Picture Books

  19. siysiy

    Picture Books

    Hi I like having a bed time storry. I pot my night time diaper on and get a bottle of worm milf and hunny then I get me commputer to read to me or youtube a bed time storry. what is the best is when I have a caregiver to read to me. I am such a Little! but I love it being like this. and I...
  20. siysiy

    I want to share my thoughts

    Also be really care full that you dont shair beteen accounts as this could make a link. I losted a job becoues of this, work found ont that I was ABDL was not good.