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  1. AAO

    What was the best diaper you ever had.

    Northshore’s MegaMax
  2. AAO

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Just changed out of a Green Supreme Lite and into a Megamax for bed.
  3. AAO

    Using a PO Box to Buy AB Stuff

    I had a PO Box at the campus post office when I was in college but I could never find a vendor that would ship diapers to it.
  4. AAO

    I seen another

    Yes they wear 24/7 and have since birth. I’m pretty sure they are wearing pull ups now. Basically it’s one of those “not my monkeys, not my circus” things.
  5. AAO

    I seen another

    They could use the bathroom if they wanted to. But that would mean they would have to put down the video game controller. It would be different if they were random kids, but when they are my nephews that live next door I’ve got enough info to know what’s going on. But I can’t blame them. If I...
  6. AAO

    I seen another

    2 of my nephews, one 6 1/2 and one 10 years old, that are still in diapers. There mom stays home with them and “home schools” them. I think it’s just that she’s lazy.
  7. AAO

    Do you carry your diapers in the open?

    If I’m someplace where it’s probable that I will see someone I know I carry it discreetly, but if I’m out of town traveling and not likely to see anyone I know I’ll just grab a diaper out of my truck and walk into the bathroom with it in my hand.
  8. AAO

    Any DLs who like printed diapers?

    The baby prints don’t really do any thing for me. They’re cute on some of the girls I’ve seen wearing them but I don’t care to wear them myself. I might go for some of the non-babyish prints, really just designs like stripes or checkerboard or some kind of design. I like the pokadots on...
  9. AAO

    Sleeping with a diaper on

    I sleep more soundly when I’m wearing a diaper than when I’m not.
  10. AAO

    Increase the chances of having involuntarily accidents.

    Drinking a glass of milk makes me pee more than just water.
  11. AAO

    Brands of jeans suitable for wearing thicker padding

    I like my Kohl’s Urban Pipeline Relaxed Bootcut jeans. I think they are roomy in the crotch and also have large pockets.
  12. AAO

    How to use toilet while wearing diapers

    I can usually shimmy my diaper down without untaping it when I need to use the toilet.
  13. AAO

    Anybody regularly go to garage sales?

    Around here what you are describing would be called an Outdoor Flea Market or something similar. A Yard Sale or Garage Sale would be in someone’s front yard or driveway at their house. I go pretty often to what is called here the Sale Barn. It’s a cross between an outdoor flea market and a...
  14. AAO

    Northshore samples

    I filled out a form online and they sent me a shipping confirmation just like any other order when they shipped.
  15. AAO

    Adult Diapers = Mind Blown 😯

    I was an avid reader from a young age. My dad subscribed to Readers Digest and I would always read through them when he was done. There was always a Depends ad somewhere in each issue.
  16. AAO

    How old are you?

  17. AAO

    Self diapering

    I lean against a wall with the diaper between my butt and the wall. Then pull the front up and tape the top tapes as tight as I can get them and tape the bottom tapes snug but not tight around my legs.
  18. AAO

    I could finally wet whilst in bed, it's all about practice!

    In my experience drinking lots of water just makes it more painful when you need to go and are trying to go but can’t. I’m still not 100% there but sometimes I can get my flow started while laying in bed. But it seems the more urgent my need to go is the harder it is to get the flow started.
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  20. AAO

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    NorthShore MegaMax medium. Tried out one of the samples they sent me last night and still have it on this morning. These are the most comfortable diapers I have ever worn and super absorbent. I’ll definitely be buying some of these.