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  1. BabyBoyRyan

    Being an older little but still diapers?

    I'm usually around 5, but still in nappies (but I also like my bottle and pacifier).
  2. BabyBoyRyan

    Do you like your diaper dry, wet, or soaked?

    I like a fresh dry nappy, but also like a wet one (especially that first wetting)
  3. BabyBoyRyan

    Crinklz Announcement

    So looks like Crinklz has just announced that they are doing Small and XL sizes for BetterDry and Crinklz diapers/nappies. It was posted on their twitter and they are already advertised on NappiesRus (out of stock of course).
  4. BabyBoyRyan

    What kind of designs should Goodnites L/XL get?

    Pokemon, they need to have Pokemon designs (I'll get them just for the design).
  5. BabyBoyRyan

    footie pajamas

    Yeah they just make me and trapped and uncomfortable, I prefer my feet to be free 🦶 :)
  6. BabyBoyRyan

    footie pajamas

    I have a custom one from The All In One Company, but it turns out I'm not really a fan of the footie part on the pyjamas (I don;t really like wearing socks either) so I very carefully removed them (could have sent it back to them to change it I think). Either way I love wearing it, so soft, warm...
  7. BabyBoyRyan

    I almost forgot I had a used nappy to throw out with the trash this morning

    I almost forgot I had a used nappy to throw out with the trash this morning
  8. BabyBoyRyan

    adult baby bedding

    My bedding is Pokemon themed regardless of adult or baby :D
  9. BabyBoyRyan

    What game should i get next?

    We'll agree to disagree :p I couldn't get into Origins either, but the series went downhill for me with Unity (still can't run it), left a bad taste for the whole series and haven't completed a AC game since Black Flag
  10. BabyBoyRyan

    What game should i get next?

    Odyssey is good, but yeah not a true assassins creed game, neither was Origin and my opinion Syndicate wasn't either, starting brawls in the streets over turf is not the way of the assassins. Black Flag is awesome but not a true AC game either :D
  11. BabyBoyRyan

    I Made a "Crib"

    Cool, I've thought about doing something like that...never got around to it tho
  12. BabyBoyRyan

    Limited edition Easy ups..

    Might have a to take a look in some supermarkets when I'm out tomorrow (UK)
  13. BabyBoyRyan

    Glastonbury Festival

    I'll be going...from the comfort of my room :p (watching on TV)
  14. BabyBoyRyan

    Wearing 24/7 and the occasional underwear use

    I don't wear 24/7 but whenever I've worn a nappy and switch to regular underwear after, it always feels weird, strange and uncomfortable. I miss the padding and comfort that wearing a nappy bring, and after a while of not wearing one I too get the "cravings" to wear one but sadly my current...
  15. BabyBoyRyan

    for star wars nerds

    It's a good point, also could have just used normal force grab to pick him up, in fact look up How The Empire Strikes Back Should Have Ended on youtube...he does just that :D But I guess the reason he doesn't do that in the film is...story 🤷‍♀️
  16. BabyBoyRyan

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    My Diaper Animals, just changed out of a very wet Crinklz Aquanaut
  17. BabyBoyRyan

    Adult Diapers = Mind Blown 😯

    I don't really remember much about how I discovered adult nappies, only that I was in my teens (16+ I think) the first ones I got was either Tena (the original plastic baked ones) or Cuddles, I think. (I remember they had teddy bears and some kind blocks with letters on them and that they began...
  18. BabyBoyRyan

    Finally Got Me A Pikachu Plush

    Been meaning to get one for ages and finally got one :love: He looks quite happy front and centre with the rest of the family, which I'll introduce: Aya the Direwolf (GoT reference) Sabian the Tiger Tigger the ... Tigger :p Leafeon Sylveon And Of Course Pikachu And yes I haz Pokemon bedding...
  19. BabyBoyRyan

    Where do you change at home?

    I change in my bedroom. If i'm putting on another nappy then I do it lying down if I'm not then I change it standing up. I don't really have any issues with baby powder going everywhere... maybe I need to be less adult like and just throw it everywhere :p
  20. BabyBoyRyan


    I have a fair amount of Lego, but that's mostly it apart from the odd Pokemon and HTTYD toys...really need to get some more toys :(