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    loving onsies

    I love walking around in onesies, especially wearing a Better dry, with a thick doubler or two.. The tykable rompers are the most fun. The tops are like t shirts which means I can wear them at home, and put on a pair of pants. Maybe a shirt . They work well for my body, and hold a really wet...
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    how not to clench.

    i am trying to get to the stage of dribbling doing the day and wetting in may sleep at night. I will hydrate a lot so as to cause frequent uriniation, but I cannot let it just flow without clenching before I Pee. Once in a whiles I can hold i back, but it takes very strong concentration.
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    last week got takable romper. I really love it, particlularly when wearing Stay dry, or north shore magna. Bought two more, cause they can be worn all day, good colors. I love too go to the fullest and they really work for me, holding up a saggy diaper. May get a couple more.
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    scratchy plastic diaper covers.

    does any know any plastic diaper covers rear do not have scratchy leg hole. my skin is very soft twixt my legs , and I have too many accents in bed.
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    old new diaper man

    I am a senior and finally back as diaper man. like walking around house in pull up up, crinkly pants and onesie . having rouble with tapes