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  1. sallyanne

    Becoming a baby forever?

    I was a very strongly babyish kid and teenager and eventually, adult. It was a very powerful and at times overpowering experience for me. I wrote a book about it and that was a very liberating experience for me as well. Being sissy baby and trying to...
  2. sallyanne

    ABDL? what is it and who are we?

    If you want a good argument just say that "ABDL is sexual fetish so that's it!" You will get all the people like me who have lived with it since the age of 2 and is more who I AM than what I DO. Lots of inane, uninformed and ignorant banter and argument will follow, usually with rudeness and a...
  3. sallyanne

    A bedwetting maxi experience

    I'm not quite sure what to call this other than very unusual. I wore nappies for my bedwetting so my experience of wet sheets is limited and fresh sheets were the order of the day. There used to be a specialist Bedwetting Group here but I cant find that anymore and so I post this here. I am...
  4. sallyanne

    A very powerful and heart-pulling story

    A few days ago, I was asked by Michael Bent to write a foreword to a new novel they were publishing. I was pretty pleased at this and received and advance copy (still with some typos!) and read it with relish. To be honest, I was stunned and emotional by the experience. It is the story of a boy...
  5. sallyanne

    A novel on bedwetting (and wearing bras!)

    I couldnt sleep and I got an email about a new book so I bought it a couple hours ago and just finished it now on my Kindle app. It was really quite different to the usual ABDL fare. It was called Overlapping Stains and is all about a chronic bedwetter living with someone who was actually...
  6. sallyanne

    Books and AB characters - yay!

    I am a picky reader. I like books to be well-written or at least competently and to have a story that moves along at a decent pace with characters I can relate to or at least imagine. So I was pleasantly surprised to read the new book 'Matchmaker' by Nathan Wayne. Towards the end, it was so...
  7. sallyanne

    New reading material

    AB Discovery has some books out and I finally finished "Healing Childhood Wounds" and was a bit blown away by how good it was. It is pretty deep and detailed and takes a psychological route that seeks to explain how us ABDLs can to be and how we were unlucky enough to score 'this'. I think it...
  8. sallyanne

    Wanting to be a real baby

    All my life I've wanted to be a real baby and a baby girl at that. Even now, some of my strongest desires are to be a literal infant and to be treated as such. Obviuosly, that is not possible, but so many of my feelings and indeed, actions seem to lead me to constantly try and be a real baby. I...
  9. sallyanne

    This is how I look...

    When I dress up, I feel like I am a sissy baby and all is well. This tweet however is how I ACTUALLY look... worst luck. yay for excellent self-image, even if inaccurate
  10. sallyanne

    Fiction possibilities

    Been thinking about bringing out the 'writing laptop' again and writing a fiction book this time. Enjoyed writing the last couple books and now thought one on a solidly fantasy/ABDL script could be fun. Anyone with some good original thoughts or ideas please let me know. My brain is open to...
  11. sallyanne

    ABDL Surveys

    Hi everyone! Just thought you might like to be a part of a very large survey into ABDL issues. there are 6 different ones to choose from and you can get the results too, if you want. :)
  12. sallyanne

    My own story

    I was encouraged to write my story down so others could read how I made it through life as a very babyish AB who never graduated past bedwetting. I am grateful to my publishers for a nice cover and a good edit.
  13. sallyanne

    Incontinence because of ABDL?

    Hi everyone. I have always wet the bed and in fact, never had a single dry night. Daytimes were dreadfully slow to achieve daytime control leading to being the lat kid out of nappies among my peers by a long way. By 16 I was effectively back in them again. While it is true that my incontinence...