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  1. Jonjon


    It's not a radio station - it's my temperature, straight off the changing table. :sick: Daddy's left me in a diaper to keep me cool, but he's already made a doctor's appointment for me - do you think I'll get a shot? :eek:
  2. Jonjon

    Surprised While In Littlespace?

    Have you ever had someone surprise you while you were in littlespace? I'm not affected by having anyone see me in jonjons, overalls, or even in diapers. However, a few times friends of my Daddy have walked in on me having my temperature taken, and I've found it extremely embarrassing - even...
  3. Jonjon

    Suddenly Full

    Have you ever had an experience where - for a specific reason - your diaper suddenly became full? A few weeks ago, I had a very scary dream - with running, blood, and falling. I woke up all of a sudden and found that my diaper was completely full (1&2) - waddling full. Has anybody else had an...
  4. Jonjon

    Home Sick

    Well, I've got the sniffles and a temperature of 101.5 in my bottom. I'm already in my favorite football jersey and an ABU Space, and I've got some Tylenol in my system. I'm planning on tucking myself into bed with Boof my bear - any other suggestions for my day?
  5. Jonjon

    Crime & Punishment

    Littles, unfortunately, are not good all the time. At times, we don't listen, we talk back, we run off, and we even break things. How does your Big address such misbehaviour?