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  1. FTuga197

    Wearing diapers is calming me down. Normal?

    So... Usually I'm an impulsive, angry, sometimes agressive guy. Since I started using diapers I'm much more pacific and calm. Also, I'm a smoker and now I smoke much less. Is there any logical, let's say "psychological" reason for that?
  2. FTuga197

    Emergency Kit

    Yesterday I was at the mall, peed a little too much in my diaper and it was noticeable in my pants, so I put my seatshirt aroud it. Now I'm thinking in having always a backpack with a diaper or two, some wipes, and a pair of pants. Do you do this? Can you think of other stuff to put in the backpack?
  3. FTuga197

    Is this true?

    Hi. So, I read this online: "Becoming Incontinent - Wear diapers 24/7, stop using the toilet. Use your diapers for everything and after a while you will stop noticing when you have to go to the bathroom and will start noticing that your diaper is wet and/or messy. It may take some time but if...
  4. FTuga197

    Where did you pee/ poop for the last time?

    Show pictures of where did you use your diaper for the last time. For me, it was today (obviously), in the beach. I suddenly had the urge to poop and actually there was no bathroom near by. I did it right away I peed also. Am now at home and and still wet and messed. So, lucky ABDM me :)
  5. FTuga197

    How do you change your diaper?

    I'm new at this and I only put it on, nothing else. Do you use talcum powder or other things?
  6. FTuga197

    Plastic or cotton?

    Do you prefer plastic or cotton diapers? I find the plastic ones very noisy.
  7. FTuga197

    So many wonderful things...

    So... Since I was a kid, and my best friend, who needed to wear diapers, used to come sleepover, I asked him to bring an extra diaper. Then I wear it. I loved it and he didn't understand why. That feeling became hidden until a few years ago, when I started to buy adult diapers and wearing them...
  8. FTuga197


    What does "ADISC" stand for? Adult diaper...?
  9. FTuga197

    Go out in a diaper?

    Do you leave home with a diaper under your jeans? I do if I'm going to a place where I don't know anyone or if it is something quick. But I don't go to school with a diaper.
  10. FTuga197

    Do you poop?

    Do you usually just pee on your diaper or also poop? I must say: I find the poop on my butt a relaxing/ confortable thing. I don't care I have to clean it, it feels so good :3
  11. FTuga197

    Before putting diaper

    What should I do before I put on my diaper for the night? Clean my ass? Baby powder? Please tell me everything I should know.
  12. FTuga197

    What are these for?

    My diapers have a sticky blue thing over the tape. Should I remove it before stick the diaper? Because they come out very easily... What are those blue tapes for?
  13. FTuga197

    Pee laying down

    Hi! I'm a 18yo Portuguese who loves diapers. I feel very comfortable wearing it. I also like to pee on a diaper, but I try to do it lying down on my bed. The problem is, even if I have a full bladder, the pee doesn't come out. Is there any way to pee lying down on my bed but easier?