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  1. Musician147

    Anyone with insider contacts in Abena? Pretty desperate...

    I'm looking for anyone who has good contacts inside Abena and can possibly get them to send a few cases of plastic-backed abri-forms. Abena's exclusive import company in Israel, Raz Progress, doesn't import plastic-backed Abenas to Israel. This is mainly due to a direct decision from Abena not...
  2. Musician147

    The Snuggies Sabotage Conspiracy?

    Just thought of yet another silly little conspiracy: what if the reason Huggies ever found out about Snuggies was that a rival abdl company had tipped them off? Discuss. :detective1:
  3. Musician147

    Crying as a fantasy?

    Recently I've had a thought: Some day, when I get into little space with someone, I really want to end up crying like a 4 year old. A real little meltdown, and have a "daddy" calm me down. I even know why. I am a very impressionable and sensitive person. I take everything extremely personally...
  4. Musician147

    Change me. (Short poem)

    So I wrote a short poem. I'd love to hear what you guys think: Change me. Life is dark And damp am I Of stinging tears that will not dry My person moist of trickling sweat A bad dream, a nightmare, a trap my mind has set I cry and weep and throw a fit As if I scream into the void "I quit" A...
  5. Musician147

    M4 struggles...

    So I contacted abena again, asking them when will the next shipment of plastic M4's will arrive in Israel. They told me that particular product is only available in North America. Fuck you, abena. Fuck you very very much. Once again, the land of opportunities once again proven as a better...
  6. Musician147

    ABDL diaper market saturation

    A new startup company has appeared: Barebums Diapers. While they addmitedly look VERY good, their design is somewhat derived (like that of the recent Mydiaper) of two other designs (bambino+snuggies overnites)...
  7. Musician147

    Messy cleanup without handheld shower head...

    Hi there. I recently moved to a new place. It only has a shower, and it doesn't have a detachable shower head. Does this mean messing is out of the option? Does anybody have any experience with this kind of situation? I'm also worried the smell might transfer to the shower curtain, or worse- if...
  8. Musician147

    Bad Abena news.

    I just contacted Abena headquarters in regards to plastic backed 4163 M4. I sent them this link and they responded: "I just want to inform you, that this product has been taken out of our product range, so it is not going to be available in the nearest future." [...] "We still have this...
  9. Musician147

    Diapers via Sea EMS?.

    After the recent heartbreak of seeing the shipping fees of saveexpress to Israel, I was wondering- is there any diaper supplier that has the option to ship via Sea EMS? I am ok with waiting for my diapers, I just don't want to pay double the price just because of shipping. I've already...
  10. Musician147

    Diaperspace Ressurected as

    This looks fishy: I mean- the age search function goes all the way down to 13... c'mon! WTF?
  11. Musician147

    I finally have an avatar!

    Well, I do! the source material is an actual picture of me. I've long dreaded putting a public picture of myself, but i found the solution to make it discreet enough. So- What do you guys think?
  12. Musician147

    SAP getting into urethra?

    Yet another one of those awkward-visit-to-the-doctor scenarios you want to aviod: I was masturbating in my diaper, (Abema M4) and I thought- every time I choose to use a diaper to full capacity and then masturbate, some sap beads break free from the pulp. So- What are the chances of one of...
  13. Musician147

    ABDLStruck is so great!

    I'm this close to double posting this also in the AB subforum. oh my god how did you even find this blog even though I'm gay I've enjoyed this blog.
  14. Musician147

    Statistics wonderings

    So last night I was thinking and doing some numbers. I have recently found out that I was in high school with another ABDL. My High school has about 1,200 students. So this either leads to a ratio of 1:1,200 or 1:600. 1:600 is a pretty uplifting statistic. any thoughts?
  15. Musician147


    Warning: Random ranting I've been thinking about this a lot lately: This fetish is all about indulgence. for me, currently, it represents a completely selfish act, an excluding act, since there is no ABDL in real life that I see a romantic potential with, so I do it alone. This is an Annoying...
  16. Musician147

    SUPERHYDROPHOBIC materials for bedwetting?

    Just a thought: Would superhydrophobic cloths make a difference for bedwetters? It could make the whole experience that much less uncomfortable.
  17. Musician147

    The Elvis constipation conspiracy

    Intresting read: Elvis died from constipation. EXCLUSIVE: Elvis Presley's Doctor Claims He Died of an 'Embarrassing' Case of Chronic Constipation | Fox News Thoughts anyone? :)
  18. Musician147

    The Diaper of Dorian Grey-Snippet

    Hi everyone, I started working on a small LB/DL novel, which I cannot post here because it is not exacly PG-13 (though it is in very good taste!). Anyone who wishes to read it please PM me and I'll send you the whole chapter. Here is the begginning of the chapter: The Diaper of Dorian Grey...
  19. Musician147

    First time proper abena

    Well, I just tried for the first time in my life an abena air M4 and a plastic backed M3. i suppose you can imagine the feeling. :)
  20. Musician147

    Wearing the diaper (tape on) backwards

    Has anyone tried it*? From my point of view it has several advanteges: 1. For me, it solves the problem of the strain on the Pe**s due to the weight of the wet SAP and the tightness of the diaper. 2. The back panel is much more fluffy= more fun 3. The diaper feels snug at the back but fluffy and...