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  1. DangerKitsune

    PSA - Don't take diapers out of the trash, the Canadian police will find you!

    It's always great to see this kind of stuff in the news.
  2. DangerKitsune

    Diapers on My Strange Addiction, but different this time!

    Woman Named Keyshia Loves Sucking Dirty Diapers On 'My Strange Addiction' (VIDEO) I'm glad people like this exist, makes me feel normal!
  3. DangerKitsune

    Zelda Nursery!

    I'm surprised nobody else has posted this yet: Legend of Zelda Nursery - YouTube I think this kid has some awesome parents already.
  4. DangerKitsune

    Lolita shoes...etc

    Hello Fellow ADSICers! I am on the hunt for some Lolita shoes/boots for a costume I am putting together and I am having a tough time finding shoes in my size 11.5 (US WOMENS), Can any of you recommend a good place that might sell the more cutesy Lolita shoes in my size ( example: Sweet Gothic...
  5. DangerKitsune

    <Insert witty topic mentioning hello here>

    Hello members of ADISC, I see that this forum seems to be a bit more active than many of the other forums related to ABDL stuffs. I figured I'd join and say hello(even though more likely than not, I won't post very often). As far as interests and such, I like pretty much a little bit of all the...