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  1. SeaLionMan1982


    Anyone else like to draw and color?
  2. SeaLionMan1982


    Anyone else know how to drive stick? It’s a dying art.
  3. SeaLionMan1982

    Over the air channels

    Anyone get their TV through over the air channels and streaming, I dropped traditional cable it got too expensive.
  4. SeaLionMan1982

    Favorite Food?

    What is your favorite food? Mine is gyros.
  5. SeaLionMan1982

    Mac Fans?

    Any other Mac fans out there? I like my MacBook Air it’s my primary computer even though I have two other laptops.
  6. SeaLionMan1982

    Hi from Atlanta Georgia

    Hi I moved to Atlanta back in April and I’d like to make some friends in the community. I’d say I’m a type B submissive people pleaser in general. I’ve only worn diapers a few times, I have IBS and overactive bladder. I would love to get comfortable enough to wear diapers more often. I’ve had...
  7. SeaLionMan1982

    Little trucks

    Anyone else like little trucks? I have a 1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup Truck it’s my baby I cal him Kermit, I also own a 2007 Mazda6 car.
  8. SeaLionMan1982

    I'm a new poster

    Hi I have IBS-A which means sometimes I have diarrhea sometimes constipation although the thought of wearing diapers as a turn on does appeal to me. I don't currently wear diapers normally but have worn pull ups before. Professionally I work in IT, I don't really want to go into anymore than...