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  1. Tina

    Last Summer

    Wow.... I usually don't like stories about boys. I red it anyway. I liked it and it was interesting. That I write this about a boy story should you take as the biggest compliment. Very well written and exciting. Your style is pleasant and I hope to read again from you. Maybe about a girl? :)...
  2. Tina

    A very cliché story.

    Nice work. Usually I don't like storys with boys but this one is an exeption cause it is well written. It is beliveable and not exaggerated. I would like too read more
  3. Tina

    Sarah's Serendipity (Part 3)

    There is a problem. The chapter is too short..... But the real problem is, the story is too good :-D. Equal how long the chapters are, I like the story so much, every chapter size is too small. Good work. I will be happy if you write more. Super style and idea. Keep it up :-) *curtsy* Tina
  4. Tina

    Sarah's Serendipity (Part 3)

    Nice start. You have a nice way to describe and I can get well in Sarah. I'm curious how it went on. So please take on. I want to read more Tina
  5. Tina

    The Forgotten Homework

    Well, very nice written story. Very realistic and you can feel deep into the protagonists. The only things I didn't like so much are the part with the boys. Only for me, I am not interested in boys. *smile* I can't get choked in boys and so storys about boys don't take me, 'cause I'm not...
  6. Tina

    [Finished] Vacation preparation - A little girl's tale

    Wow is that a nice story. I love the way you write. Pleeeeease make a sequel. I would love to read how Mia's vacation went. You made such a nice world and I was very sad to reach the end to early. No matter how long it is, it's to short *smile* You created a world wich I never wanna leave. Hope...
  7. Tina

    Miss Mallory

    Oh wow is that a nice story. I like it and want to read more. Please continue and write more chapters please
  8. Tina

    Rebecca's Story

    What a nice story. Thank you Ruud for the time and the efford you invest in this very, very nice tale. I'm from Germany and english is not my motherlanguage. I often don't see the mistakes you are talking about. My english is not bad and I often skip storys when english is to bad. My mother is a...
  9. Tina

    The 7 Day Trial

    Nice! I like your idea and how you write. Like to read more :)
  10. Tina

    The Weird Scholarship

    Wow :) unexpected surprise :) Wonderfull to read more and I like the new chapters. Hope the next continue does not take so long. This story is one of the nicest... Thanks for continuing
  11. Tina

    The 7 Day Trial

    I love the story. It's still interesting and not long enough *smile* If you remember my last post in July.... From then I paused reading. Now I red the story again instead only the new chapters cause I like Amy, Iike the way you write and the non violence. Curious to read more.....
  12. Tina

    Please Believe Me Papa

    Nice beginning. I like it and want to read more. How old is Stephanie?
  13. Tina

    The 7 Day Trial

    I still like the story and wait for more. But I think BirdCats comment is a very, very interesting view from an other side. That's a good thing in my oppinion.
  14. Tina

    The 7 Day Trial

    Well, what should I say? To interesting, to exciting, to fascinating...... ;) A while ago I read the beginning and was not impressed. The changes from Amy to Mum was not mine I thought. 2 or 3 chapters and I stoped reading cause Mums view was not what I wanted to read. (Sorry sometimes I'm...
  15. Tina

    The Weird Scholarship

    What a good story..... I love it very much and hope to read more of Nora. Great work. Greetings from Germany.
  16. Tina

    The Changing House

    Ah Schwäbisch..... Schaffe, schaffe, Häusle baue..... At the moment this is my only sentence but with accents I'm like a sponge. Let me make 2 weeks vacation through Schwabeländle and I suck it up. Not perfect but everyone who is not from there says: Ah thats a Schwoab :) Stuttgard is a town i...
  17. Tina

    The Changing House

    I love music. Rock, metal, medival, classic, techno, hiphop..... The massage in music is more important for me than the kind of which direction. Yes Neuss is right my town. Over 2000 years old and I like it here. What's your town? Accents are a thing I like. I can speak the accents of Berlin...
  18. Tina

    The Changing House

    Schatz, Schätzchen...... Schatzi, Schätzeken, Schatzilein Here 3 more words with the same meaning. Maybe they sounds a bit funny and somebody can smile a bit. Very, very nice Storry. Interesting, totaly harmonic and it's finished. Not like many other storys in the www. Ok, I think the story was...
  19. Tina

    The Changing House

    Wow, the german sentence made me smile. Very nice :) Thank you. Well, I'm writing a story in german language. I can talk here in english, I can understand all the stories. Sure some words I have to run through a translationprogram, but ok to enjoy the reading. But I`m not sure if my english...
  20. Tina

    Finished A Day At the Farm

    Tapes on Pampers was invented 1971. In 1970 there where no tapes on diapers. They where closed with diaper pins ;)