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  1. LordFluffybuttz

    Help Me Choose a Bedwetting Diaper

    I agree, adult diapers are often too big! I personally use GoodNites XL from Huggies. I checked the sites and it would seem that they do not sell GoodNites in Bangladesh. You could try using cloth diapers! Cloth diapers are very economical so tou wont have to spend alot of money and eco frendly...
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    YOUR Stash!

  3. LordFluffybuttz

    Why Goodnites are amazing.

    I love GoodNites, I know that most can’t fit into them so I try to not take them for granted but for me they’re great. I’m 21 and I stand at 5’7’’, with a 30’’ jean size at 135lbs. They’ll leak if you put pressure on a wet area when you sit for example or if you pee either way too much or too...
  4. LordFluffybuttz

    YOUR Stash!

    It’s not much but I’m proud because I never have alot, in the pics I have boys Goodnites, Pampers Size 6 Cruisers, Huggies wipes and a bed wetting pad under the pampers in the box as well as poise bosster pads (love them).
  5. LordFluffybuttz

    New GoodNites... or not :(

    Actually I think that they’ve improved quite a bit (as I’m wearing one right now) From what I’ve noticed there’s a new double leg guard that really helps in preventing leaks but that’s all I’ve noticed, maybe a little more absorbent but I still combine them with boosters anyways
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    Grumble. UPS.

    Oh jeez sorry to hear it hun, I hope you at least get your money back!!!
  7. LordFluffybuttz

    Crinklz and BetterDry In-Stock at NorthShore with Free Shipping through 12/31/17

    I was gonna start a thread about this but saw that it was already posted. Pretty neto to see these on the site!
  8. LordFluffybuttz

    Advice for wearing on a plane

    I’m small enought that goodnites fit well and hold quite a bit but y’all might be right about them not working as well while sitting.
  9. LordFluffybuttz

    Advice for wearing on a plane

    True, I could also wear a better diaper but I also forgot to mention that I’ll be with some people and I hope they don’t notice.
  10. LordFluffybuttz

    Advice for wearing on a plane

    Alright so I plan on taking a 7.5 hour flight to London in the future. While on the flight I was thinking about wearing a diaper, incase if I had to go and didn’t want to use the plane bathroom. What advice about changing a diaper would any of y’all have. Incase if anyone is interested to know...
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    Cheap alternative boosters
  12. LordFluffybuttz

    Penis up, where have you been all my (diapered) life?

    Extreamly uncomfortable for me but what ev’a floats ya boat
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    Sposie Booster Pads and Goodnites

    These booster pads are ultra soft and I really love them! It’s my first time using a booster pad but these are great! They fit a Goodnite really well and are sung, absorbent and pretty cheap. My biggest problem with Goodnites would be that they would leak and could only take one accident. The...
  14. LordFluffybuttz

    Does your paci hurt your teeth?

    I have a little for big pacifier that I love, I’m new to the whole paci thing but I like it. Does it harm your teeth? I heard that if it was a small baby paci then it would and adult sized ones if proper fit will not? My teeth are not perfect anyways so I can not tell if the discomfort is from...
  15. LordFluffybuttz

    Goodnites Sale at Costco

    It is what it is, I think I doged a bullet. So I shot Costco an email and they refunded $5. That was nice of them, I was so mad to see a box of Goodnites at my front door like that.
  16. LordFluffybuttz

    Goodnites Sale at Costco

    I was so mad and embarrassed and what frustrates me even more is that my grandmother who had found them went to go check the mail only a few minutes before I was going to grab the box off of the porch. She wasn’t even supose to be home.
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    Goodnites Sale at Costco

    Fuck me dead. I check the box for plain packaging but it came exposed. I had to make up a story that they were for a friend who was too afraid to buy them himself.
  18. LordFluffybuttz

    Goodnites Sale at Costco

    Wow that’s new, it wasn’t there yesterday. Everytime I looked it was $42. They must be purging stock for new designs.
  19. LordFluffybuttz

    Goodnites Sale at Costco

    For those of us who are able to go to or have something shipped from Costco, there’s a sale on Goodnites. Earlier I made a post about the 58count box of Goodnites and how it was such a deal but now you can get a box for just under $30. So if you’re small and like goodnites here ya go...
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    You're granted one diaper-related wish, what is it?

    An adult/teen variant of a huggies or pampers that actually worked and fit the adult body!