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  1. BabyJacobDL

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Bambino bellissimo :)
  2. BabyJacobDL

    ABDL Match scam and new dating site for ABDL community opinions.

    LittleMathias, that seems like a great idea and it is cool if you have the knowledge to do so. My biggest insight would be that the below websites seem to be "ABDL-friendly" or at least it is much easier to search for other ABDL people. I have not personally used OkCupid but I know they even...
  3. BabyJacobDL

    Do you wear diapers in public?

    Yes, I definitely wear diapers in public. I would not say I am a 24/7 diaper wearer by any means or have incontinence, however, I often have anxiety about needing to pee when on public transit or some place a bathroom is not readily available. So, to make that easier I will usually wear a pull...
  4. BabyJacobDL

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Ive been wearing a Bambino Bellissimo since before bed last night 😊
  5. BabyJacobDL

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Tranquility overnight pullup briefs with a plastic cover!
  6. BabyJacobDL

    Do you prefer a mommy or a daddy?

    I would prefer a mommy over a daddy. I have not had either yet, but I am most comfortable with sharing the abdl aspect of my life with females instead of males. This is not necessarily accurate to everyone but I usually find females more open minded to something like abdl. Also, what I enjoy...
  7. BabyJacobDL

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Tranquility premium daytime pull on diaper
  8. BabyJacobDL

    My thoughts on abdl (and being a new mommy)

    Yes, I agree with all of the above. This is a great post and we very much appreciate your open mindness to understand the abdl lifestyle. And, of course, we are glad it is working out well for for both of you.
  9. BabyJacobDL

    Anyone actually got items from Aww So Cute?

    Yup, I have ordered 2 pacifiers and 2 onesies. All were separate orders. One time a onesie did not ship so I called to cancel the order and then they shipped it the next day. Overall, I prefer Baby Pants onesies over Aww So Cute. However, the Aww So Cute pacifiers are my favorite so far.
  10. BabyJacobDL

    How did you get your first diaper(s)?

    My first diaper given to me - was when i was 5 and my friend wet the bed. I dont remember if i asked him to wear one too but i ended up getting one from him. My first diaper i did not pay for i took from my younger cousin one time. I dont remember anything else about that experience, probably...
  11. BabyJacobDL

    I could really use some advice about this, all of this

    Soursundays, I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with this issue. I can relate in some aspects. I have discovered over the past year since getting married that I am either grey-asexual or in a similar boat as you where involving diapers is really what I need to orgasm. It is quite...
  12. BabyJacobDL

    Booster pads.

    I use the quadro booster, listed on, and they fit perfectly with bambino diapers. They are 6" wide so they may not work well with some other diapers so be mindful of that. But if you use bambinos they are excellent :)
  13. BabyJacobDL

    New Bambino diaper?

    Yeah, interesting that it is a moderate absorbency tape diaper and not a pull up style. Either way I will probably try it out. Depending on my clothes I wear when I go out of my house the bambinos are a bit too bulky. So hopefully it could be a dependable tape diaper that is not too bulky to...
  14. BabyJacobDL

    Confused about myself!

    Dashsanta, I can relate to you in some ways as well. And thanks to SissyDLE's post which was a very great explanation. I am male and I do not have interest in males. However, I sometimes do get excited about potentially sissy things. Like I love the design of the ABU Sissy Diaper because they...
  15. BabyJacobDL


    I very much enjoy them. I have 2 pairs of the garywear active wear diaper cover and I ordered a third which is on its way. I would agree that the back/butt area feels a bit too big. Actually, it does not feel too big it is just that I would have preferred it more tightly fit. I would suggest...
  16. BabyJacobDL

    Diaper effect

    I relate most to Uptrain on this one, which is somewhat opposite of the initial thread post. I drink a lot of water during the day so usually at work I will go to the bathroom every 90-120 minutes. However, when I put on a diaper I sometimes do not feel the need to pee for a few hours. It is...
  17. BabyJacobDL

    SIDF: Sleep In Diapers Friday

    Yay, I participated without even knowing! I forgot about SDIF, but last night I wore a Teddy Bambino and a diaper cover. Felt amazing and slept very well.
  18. BabyJacobDL

    Getting a girlfriend as a DL?

    I think that there is definitely someone out there for you that will be ok with both the trans piece and the DL piece. Since both of those are not too common it may just be a bit harder to find someone, but when you do I am certain the love you can share will be quite magical :)
  19. BabyJacobDL

    Getting Married?

    For our wedding we did not wear diapers. It would have been too difficult for my wife to hide a diaper while getting ready and my suit was too tight so I was not able to wear one. However, I likely would have if I could have fit into it and my tux... So instead we brought some with us for the...
  20. BabyJacobDL

    Day #1

    Alyjenkins, that is really great to hear that you would do that for fiance. I understand it to be somewhat rare that a significant other is not just supportive but also active in what his/her partner enjoy. So thank you for having an open mind and a good attitude about it and I hope that you...