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  1. Dannysmith129

    Public changing table

    Ahh! I've always wanted to be changed on one of those!
  2. Dannysmith129

    Slept padded - Awesomeness!

    Haven't tried it yet but I'm planning on doing it soon!
  3. Dannysmith129

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Girls xl goodnites
  4. Dannysmith129

    little age

    My age is 6.
  5. Dannysmith129

    When did you first realize you were an AB?

    I've always known I liked diapers, for instance walking past the diaper isle in a store gave me this funny feeling. But I guess it wasn't till I stumbled on it on the Internet that I knew what I really felt.
  6. Dannysmith129

    do you call your diaper by a different name?

    I sometimes call the dipe dipes idk why just do haha.
  7. Dannysmith129

    What Is Your Most Memorable Time As An AB?

    For me it was probably buying my first diapers then the feeling of putting them on and wetting right away! It was perfect.
  8. Dannysmith129

    A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

    All of these pictures make me sooo jealous!
  9. Dannysmith129

    A Close Call!

    No close calls but it's definitely my biggest fear.
  10. Dannysmith129

    Baby Powder Scent

    My mom has some baby powder in her makeup bag that I use.
  11. Dannysmith129

    Your real parents

    Same my friend.
  12. Dannysmith129

    DIY Baby Print Diapers

    That's awesome!
  13. Dannysmith129

    I did it!

    Haha already wet them, and I have a spot in mind.
  14. Dannysmith129

    I did it!

    YES! I finally did it I bought my first pack of diapers!!! Thanks to all of you guys for supporting me!
  15. Dannysmith129

    I need some advice

    Wow thanks!
  16. Dannysmith129

    I need some advice

    Thank you! I think I'm going to do it now! - - - Updated - - - I'm still really nervous though so if anyone else has some advice I'd love it.
  17. Dannysmith129

    I need some advice

    So my parents are going out of town this weekend and I'm thinking about going to Walgreens to buy some xl goodnites and a pacifier. I've wanted to do this for a while but haven't had a chance yet, I'm scared that ill see someone I know and get caught. I'm also scared that my parents will find...