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  1. LordFluffybuttz

    Advice for wearing on a plane

    Alright so I plan on taking a 7.5 hour flight to London in the future. While on the flight I was thinking about wearing a diaper, incase if I had to go and didn’t want to use the plane bathroom. What advice about changing a diaper would any of y’all have. Incase if anyone is interested to know...
  2. LordFluffybuttz

    Sposie Booster Pads and Goodnites

    These booster pads are ultra soft and I really love them! It’s my first time using a booster pad but these are great! They fit a Goodnite really well and are sung, absorbent and pretty cheap. My biggest problem with Goodnites would be that they would leak and could only take one accident. The...
  3. LordFluffybuttz

    Does your paci hurt your teeth?

    I have a little for big pacifier that I love, I’m new to the whole paci thing but I like it. Does it harm your teeth? I heard that if it was a small baby paci then it would and adult sized ones if proper fit will not? My teeth are not perfect anyways so I can not tell if the discomfort is from...
  4. LordFluffybuttz

    Goodnites Sale at Costco

    For those of us who are able to go to or have something shipped from Costco, there’s a sale on Goodnites. Earlier I made a post about the 58count box of Goodnites and how it was such a deal but now you can get a box for just under $30. So if you’re small and like goodnites here ya go...
  5. LordFluffybuttz

    I need advice

    I need advice as to how I can effectively suppress my desires for diapers. I know that I will never stop wanting them but I want to better resist as much as I can. I do believe that the DL in me is a hinderance to my life and I simply can not responsibly allow it to persist.
  6. LordFluffybuttz

    Great deal on Goodnites!

    I found a 58 count L/XL box for $34.99 on A much better deal than the normal $24.99 for a box of 34 diapers on Amazon or Walmart or most other retailers. It goes without saying, the large the bulk the cheaper the cost...
  7. LordFluffybuttz

    What cartoons do you like to watch?

    I don't identify as a little but sometimes even I can enjoy acting a little bit little. :p I've always watches Spongebob but as far as "little" shows, I've started to watch PAWA Patrol before and after work lol. What's really funny is that I'd be the last person to watch it.
  8. LordFluffybuttz

    New Goodintes Extra small size

    I saw on the goodnites website that they made a smaller size.. too bad they didn't make a bigger one. Also found them here if you wanted to see what they looked like.
  9. LordFluffybuttz

    Has anyone tried these?

    So I was wondering if anyone has tried this brand " " 90 diapers for like $35 is pretty cheap. So I would assume the diapers are poor quality? Just thought I'd ask and share.
  10. LordFluffybuttz

    Abusive family vent

    I'm sorry to drop this on you but I really just gotta vent. I love my mother, there's no doubt about that. However I know that she was the cause of the first divorce, I never blamed her for that though. My earliest memories were when I was about 4 or 5, I remember that as a child the world...
  11. LordFluffybuttz

    Out of the frying pan, and into the diapers.

    Out of the frying pan, and into the diapers. (temp title:dunno:) By LordFluffybuttz Auth note: This is a WIP, please tell me what you think of it. I re-read to fix any 3am grammatical errors because I'm a Grammar Nazi but even still, some mistakes slip through. This story is partially true, so...
  12. LordFluffybuttz

    I just bought some Goodnites and Im a bit mad

    Okay so I haven't bought/ worn diapers in a very long time but I gave in and bought some Goodnites online from Walmart. I ordered two bags of 25, so this is the most I've ever had! Well I wanted the new Goodnites, the 5-layer protection l/xl girls because the prints were cute owls and the pic on...
  13. LordFluffybuttz

    I'm sorry, but I really need somone to cheer me up

    Sorry to vent to you but recently I've been thinking and usually thinking too deeply isn't good for your health. lol So I was watching a few videos of Law enforcement tributes and then it also lead to videos of officers being killed in the line of duty. This hit me hard because I'm currently in...
  14. LordFluffybuttz

    The Heart wants what the heart wants

    *sigh*...Okay so this is the age old predicament of ABDL and many other abnormal(by societal standards) groups. I've always liked diapers and wearing them is just plain old innocent and fun. However because society deems it perverted and wrong I have to face the choice, conform and ignore my...
  15. LordFluffybuttz

    A diaper game

    Hey what's up friends? So I was reading a post on tumblr ( and someone came up with a really interesting game to play while padded. This is my modded version of the game... no not that game...
  16. LordFluffybuttz

    Ebay: Adult versions of baby diapers

    Ok so I just found this.....:worshippy: please tell me someone here has tried these?
  17. LordFluffybuttz

    New Goodnites

    So as of recent a new design was added for Goodnites, however I heard that wasn't the only change. I heard that the dimensions are now slightly smaller than they were before, can anyone confirm this? Also I was reading a review and someone had a great idea, they really should make an XXL size...
  18. LordFluffybuttz

    A cleaner way to wet the bed

    Ok so some of us here somtines think about wetting the bed on porpuse out of pleasure. Well I had an I dea that allowed me to wet the bed without actually peeing. Basicall I filled a zipblock back with warm watter, poked a small hole in the bag and then placed said "blader" in my pants! If you...
  19. LordFluffybuttz


    Has anyone ever tried using the Goodnites Tru fit pads as boosters?
  20. LordFluffybuttz

    Convertups Has anyone tried these yet? If so do they work?