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  1. Owls

    New Tena Walmart exclusive

    Anyone tried these yet?,en_US,pg.html Seems like a direct competitor for always discreet
  2. Owls

    Unexpected Fillup

    So I wear megamax daily. Perks of working from home! Thanks covid!! Well I usually just wet and change in the afternoon. Well today I felt the urge too poop and thought what the heck. Oh boy was I in for a surprise! Let's put it this way it wasn't solid! Anyone else ever get an unexpected load...
  3. Owls

    New years plans

    What's everones favorite new years diaper plans I'm sadly unable to diaper up this year. But I would love to megamax it up and snuggle by a fire!
  4. Owls

    How to Better Diaper Yourself

    Practice practice practice You'll eventually find the way you like it most!
  5. Owls

    Why Mega Max?

    Simply put they are awesome!!
  6. Owls

    Kal medical

    Hey that store is awesome!! I pop in there from time to time. I love there rearz selection!
  7. Owls


    Hey guys, I just wanted to get everyone's opinion. I just got some Christmas money and want to buy a onesie! Are they worth it? And which one's do you recommend? I was looking at the rearz onesies, are they a good ones?
  8. Owls

    Baby powder

    Hey guys just wanted to get everyones opinion on baby powder! I love the talc Johnson and Johnson one! But recently it was pulled from usa store due to abspestos contamination concerns and lots of cancer lawsuits. I have a couple bottles still. Should I be concerned about getting cancer if I...
  9. Owls

    Megamax wicking

    Hey guys! I love the northshore megamax diapers. They fit great and hold a crap ton haha 💩💩 No in all seriousness when I pee I have noticed it doesn't wick to the back well. I am a dude and have my sir William pointed down. But I have to be laying down for the pee to even hit the back of the...
  10. Owls

    Crinklz size

    Hey guys, I have crinklz mediums I haven't worn in a while. Well I've gained my quarantine 19lbs haha. Not that much! But I can't get the bottom tapes on. Any ideas on extending diaper wings? Would adding a duct tape extension work? Or is is not even worth it to try and should I wait until I...
  11. Owls

    Wife help

    So I told my wife last year about my diapers. She though it was weird and didn't like it. But she understood that they bring me comfort. Mainly she is just grossed out by me using them. But she wants to help me over come it and find another way to gain comfort. I am on the fence I have days...
  12. Owls

    Diaper organizing

    Does anyone else like organizing your diapers? I just love to put one on and organize them all!! The best is when you get a little baby powder in the air!!
  13. Owls

    Found new tena pull ups

    I saw these at shopko and had to buy them. They actually contour to you body very well due to the elastic at the bottom of the pull-up it is a very interesting design feature.They have stand up leak guards and padding is thick(for a store bought diaper) through the whole front and back. I used...
  14. Owls

    Good Place to buy premium diapers SLC utah

    I am visiting salt lake this weekend. Does anyone know of a good place to buy quality diapers there? Any good medical suppy stores? Thanks everyone
  15. Owls

    What diaper should I get

    so right now I wear certainty Walgreens briefs. I am looking to get a thicker mor absorbent diaper. I was thinking molicare, north shore or abrena briefs. What do y'all recommend? Any other good brands that would be more babyish? Thanks
  16. Owls

    Got to wear my first real ABDL diaper

    Congratulations, how did you like the bambinos I have been considering ordering some?
  17. Owls

    Pee laying down

    It can be really hard. But, keep practicing. It just takes time to get use to
  18. Owls

    Has anyone tried drinking out of a Bottle?

    Yeah, they are amazing. Especially with warm milk
  19. Owls


    C++ for me, and a little Java and html.
  20. Owls

    Good-quality diapers Northern Utah

    Anyone know of some places in northern utah that sell quality diapers. Like tena or molicare?