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  1. ozziebee

    Running water

    I too have urges and wet nappy when faced with running water. Filling the car up at a petrol bowser also sets my bladder off some times. Tonight I had something different. Making dinner, and I was trying to empty the contents of a can of food into a pot. As the sauce was a bit dry, upending...
  2. ozziebee

    Solved, taping problems.

    The best tape I’ve ever found to use as a support for the nappy tapes is ice hockey sock tape. Its wide, very sticky, a tad stretchy, and clear. I use a length where i splay my fingers on my left hand, touch the end of the tape with the pad of my pointer finger, and down the tape with my pinky...
  3. ozziebee

    What would u do if your family found out.? About your diapers/nappies

    Back when I was in high school (maybe 16/17yo), I bought baby nappies and was in the habit of combining two of them to fit me. My mum found the packs a few times, and threw them away. At the same time, I was still having bowel issues, and also very much gender dysphoria. I kept buying the...
  4. ozziebee

    Turning 𝑚𝑦 Bedroom Into a Nursery ⁽⁺ᴳᴱᴬᴿ⁾

    what do your parents think of the room and all your baby stuff?
  5. ozziebee

    Should I wear proper diapers for work?

    I’m 24/7, and my recommendation is to look at Betterdry, or maybe the Rearz InControl Hybrid. They are both large capacity nappies, and have served me well for 12hrs and more. What I will also suggest is to wear compression pants (you can get Molicare mesh compression pants or similar), put...
  6. ozziebee

    What would u do if your family found out.? About your diapers/nappies

    My family all know. Some family friends also know. One even pats me on the butt to check that Im wearing a nappy every time she sees me. It’s no big deal. I even leave my packets/boxes in full view in my master bedroom ensuite cupboards. I don’t care who knows, to a point. Tradies have come...
  7. ozziebee


    I don't see this as being abandoned. Some people only post once a month... Be patient. It's posts like this which discourage writers from continuing a story.
  8. ozziebee

    how many diapers do you go through a day?

    I go through two per day. My day nappy is a Betterdry, which gets me from dawn to dusk and across work hours. I change into my night nappy when I get home from work. Betterdry and Rearz Inspire+Incontrol are my goto nappies these days.
  9. ozziebee

    Alexander's Summer

    12412 is ABDL with the L being 12 characters in :-)
  10. ozziebee

    Ever had to use duct tape to hold a daipers on?

    I use ice hockey sock tape to reinforce diaper tapes. Sock tape is great as its clear/translucent, and has some stretch to it. I use just enough to do the tapes - splay fingers on my left hand out, and stick tape between pointer and pinkie fingers (about 8” or so?). Tape from about three...
  11. ozziebee

    This 'Incontinent' fetish?

    When I was in school, I was bowel IC. Theres no worse an experience of pooping one’s pants than during Year 10 high school (Year 12 over here is the last year before going off to uni), standing outside the next class, trying in vain to explain away the smell as “I stepped in dog shit, sorry”...
  12. ozziebee

    Jessica from Aus

    Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!
  13. ozziebee

    New and struggling with PTSD incontinence

    Absolutely try the premium diapers that Dlipside suggested. You could also add to the mix booster pads for overnight, which go inside the diaper for extra capacity. When dressing for bed, wear a premium diaper, then a Molicare or Tena stretch pant, then a PUL pant (like the Gary Activewear PUL...
  14. ozziebee

    trying to hide it at work in an office

    One way to disguise the diaper bag is to go all out - get a tactical-type backpack (have a look at Maxpedition bags), amd use that for work gear and your daipers and changing supplies. They have laptop sleeves too which are “tactical” like, so you could say “hide an ipad” and go visit te throne...
  15. ozziebee

    Do any companies run ads for their ABDL diapers? Do you want them to?

    I’ve also been a big user of adblocking technology, as I cannot see why I should be forced to watch something I don’t want to over a network connection I’ve paid for. So I adblock. Works well on Youtube and general web browsing. I too was one who subscribed to cable tv for the lack of ads...
  16. ozziebee

    Transition MtF

    I went through the whole MtF transition and SRS stuff, and here I am some 24 years later, am still here and still no regrets! Only time I cried for my uncertain future with relos was two days after surgery. After a procedure to get rid of the suction thingies, I was allowed out of bed and had a...
  17. ozziebee

    Wanting to be a real baby

    I read your book. I cried through it, as I saw myself in a lot of that book, being born around the same time, being bowel IC through school, being forced into nappies from time to time as punishment. Seeing doctors who would do nothing but stick a finger up my butt, to a shrink who did nothing...
  18. ozziebee

    What do your friends know about you?

    Both my sisters know, two of my big sister’s kids and their partners (they’re adults), my dad and his wife (who works as a nurse in a nursing home). My boss sorta knows. A few of the above found out after touring my new house, and walking through my walk-in robe. That’s where I keep all my...
  19. ozziebee

    What is it like to poop?

    Pooping one’s nappy can also be quite scary, especially if one isn’t expecting it to happen. The other day, I was laying in bed contemplating the day ahead, and what to get for brekky. My nappy was wet from overnight. I felt a bit queezy in my tummy, and was squirming around a bit in bed as I...
  20. ozziebee

    need help I hurt my child hood friends

    Oh my gosh... cries I know exactly how you feel. I too threw away my childhood teddy bear, but it wasn’t because I was repressing AB thoughts. I was a teenager at the time, and moved to my mum’s house after dad found my girl stuff. I left the bear behind, and dad’s dog found it. When I...