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  1. skalboi90

    Use of SAP in Ship Safety

    Ah well it is a duff idea after all :wallbash: Well I suppose that's how we learn - ask questions and see what people who are more learned say :graduate: . I expect that to remove the sap it could be sucked out with a giant hoover or with a JCB. Wouldnae be easy in the bottom of a ship though -...
  2. skalboi90

    Use of SAP in Ship Safety

    Yeah I see what you mean, it would need to be contained as it'd just roll around all over the place. Still if it could reduce the slosh it might buy the master some more time before the vessel turns on it's side. I suppose I'd need to invest in a supercomputer and some computational fluid...
  3. skalboi90

    Use of SAP in Ship Safety

    I don't know if anyone has ever thought of the uses of SAP outside nappies? I doubt anyone has ever thought of it to stop ships capsizing though :graduate: SAP (super-absorbent polymer) can apparently hold about 30 times it's own weight in liquid. It has been used in nappies and other absorbent...
  4. skalboi90

    Tena Slip Maxi Strangeness

    Thanks for those leaflets for the fitting guide. Makes a lot of difference to do it according to the manufactuer lol.
  5. skalboi90

    found a good deal on depends and attends!

    Here in the UK I use a spreadsheet to identify absorbency and cost per diaper so I can work out how much each diaper from what manufacturer and shop is going to cost and how much per litre it is. The lower the cost/unit and the higher the absorbency the better the value. I reckon that doing an...
  6. skalboi90

    Tena Slip Maxi Strangeness

    Thanks for that Bob - found out that if you set the tapes at a slight angle with the top ones pointed downwards and the bottom ones upward slightly it keeps it snug in position and that if the top tapes are put higher up at the top instead of the middle (and vice versa for the bottom ones) then...
  7. skalboi90

    Tena Slip Maxi Strangeness

    Hi Everybody (hi Dr Nick :laugh:) I've recently gone back to Tena Slip Maxi nappies and I've got a few queries. The first is that they are silent. They don't crinkle or make any other noise. They are made out of the same plastic as the TS Plus/Super which crinkle and tend to make a lot of...
  8. skalboi90

    Plastic backed disposables... availability in the UK in Feb 2013?

    I know that Tena Slip are plastic as are Tendercare and Vlesliaslip Compact (from TenderCare/Tanner Bros on Amazon). Tendercare are expensive though but you do get a lot for your money. Absorbency wise even the night ones aren't great as it's got a low SAP:Paper ratio. The Vlesi Slip Compact is...
  9. skalboi90

    Really odd Tena Slip Maxi leaks..

    I've had a few from my current batch of TS Maxi do that. Date on side of box is 20121107 (7th Nov 2012). Dunno if this is any help at identifying a common demonitator for faulty batches?
  10. skalboi90

    Babyish things you wish they made for adult babies

    I'd like a pedal car - it'd save me a fortune in petrol. Mind you, take the engine out of a SmartCar or Invacar and you'll be pretty close.
  11. skalboi90

    any ab/dl related games?

    A role-play game would be pretty cool - a diapered hero deafeating the forces of darkness or a 1-year-old crimefighter. He's a baby by day but at night he's known only as a small shadow that vanishes into the night and keeps Fictionalville safe. Okay I really need to stop watching reruns of...
  12. skalboi90

    What is your favourite thing about diapers?

    For me it has to be not having to get out of bed to have a tiddle. I need to visit the whatsit every few hours at night and if I didn't have a gigantic Tena Slip Maxi I'd end up knackered the next day from a lack of sleep. I can just tiddle and then go back to dreamland without having to traipse...
  13. skalboi90

    has anyone ever ?

    Dunno if this counts but I've used the insides of diapers (dry obviously lol) to mop up spillages of coffee and juice on my desk (had to act fast, my laptop was in danger of becoming a caffeine addicted beanhead; mind you might have made it faster ;) ), used a Tena Slip Maxi as a...
  14. skalboi90

    Difference between plastic/cotton backed Abena

    I prefer plastic-backed ones as they don't leak everywhere, the tabs stay on and they aren't irritating. Paper/cotton/sandpaper ones rub everywhere and are irritating to skin unless perfectly applied with the aid of a scanning electron microscope ;)
  15. skalboi90

    Breathable adult diaper your option

    I've got VlesiSlip compact with the breathable sides (they do them now) - it's like comparing a greenhouse on fire with a fridge. The rest of the nappy is plastic backed but the sides have a breathable plastic mesh and it really is noticeable. It's comfortable to wear in bed, a lot better than...
  16. skalboi90

    Incontinence Choice

    What's the Age UK Feel Dry All in Ones Medium Super like? Is it plastic or fake-paper, what design/colour is it?
  17. skalboi90

    'very' odd dream

    I find that whenever I dream about nappies it usually means that I need to visit the powder room strangely enough.
  18. skalboi90

    coffee overdose - aaack!

    I'm usually fine with one cup of coffee, but 4 is excessive for me. I don't think my body likes more than one cup or it makes me wired. Mind you, it never used to happen. I used to be able to drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee and be fine. Wonder if it's anything to do with stress and anxiety that...
  19. skalboi90

    coffee overdose - aaack!

    I think I will go out for a walk for a bit - the cold air might cool me off a bit and I'll burn off energy! I'll have a sandwich and some crisps when I come back and see if that helps me out! I've learnt my lesson - everything in moderation lol ---------- Post added at 20:16 ----------...
  20. skalboi90

    coffee overdose - aaack!

    Not sure where to put this, so I put it here! I've had a slight mishap whilst drinking coffee today. I had four cups of it over the course of an hour in order to be able to work hard to get some work finished for tomorrow. :wallbash: I've had about 300mg of caffeine according to a "how much...