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  1. CandyPanda

    Ive got a crinkle problem

    So I'm at my boyfriends house... I've been having a bad day so been wearing my diaper all day. Well in my jeans it was fine just made my booty look extra big. no crinkle crinkle. so my boyfriend knows im wearing diapers right now and is fine. i got into my pjs so we could cuddle and watch my...
  2. CandyPanda

    Resume Advice

    Well I went to go print out my resume today and my black ink is out. So I removed it and let the color cartridge do it. Well apparently black in the color cartridge is more of a royal blue. So my resume is royal blue. royal blue royal blue Something like those two colors. Although the first...
  3. CandyPanda

    Framerate Issues in Games.

    I have a laptop and recently bought a monitor. I'm using the monitor as my main display and the laptop screen is not in use. I've noticed since getting a larger screen with a higher resolution that my fps is lower by a considerable amount. Does this have anything to do with my new monitor or am...
  4. CandyPanda

    Meatloaf Heart!

    For V-Day I'm making my boyfriend dinner. We're having meatloaf shaped like a heart covered in ketchup with a border of mashed potatoes. Trying to figure out how to work green beans into the picture but probably will just have it on the side for when we cut into my beautiful meatloaf heart...
  5. CandyPanda

    New to AB/Dl and looking for friends and guidance.

    I'm 21 and live in Ohio. I found out about 2 weeks ago that I have an attraction to diapers. Bought some diapers from bambino because I wanted something more child like. I love the sound they make the way they feel and look. I can remember my diaper love from as far back as 6 but after I hit...