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  1. tornpup

    making my own toddler shoes

    I've been searching for some halfway decent shoes for me and haven't had any luck, so I decided to make some. I got a pair of plain, all white shoes and some acrylic paint and went to work on them. My boyfriend says he remembers shoes like these being popular back in the nineties but I don't...
  2. tornpup

    Trying to find good toddler clothing and shoes

    Does anyone know where I can find some nice toddler style clothes and shoes? I don't really like the super babyish stuff that seems to be the most popular items in the ab/dl stores. I've kind of given up on shoes, probably just dye some white velcro ones, but never know, maybe somebody has found...
  3. tornpup

    new kid on the block

    Oh wow, I see that that title is a regular here. Anyways, just thought I'd drop a thread here and see what happens. I'm Torn, diaperfur/babyfur living in Oklahoma. It's not too bad here, lots of friends to hang with, some even sharing my interests. I like doing wood and leather work, it's...