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  1. Halo9372

    Suggestion I'm leaving ADISC

    So, I've decided to leave ADISC because after a long period of attempting to login to the minecraft server. This would seem silly except that when I posted questions to the forum, I received vague convoluted answers. When I went into chat I received sarcasm or no responses at all. This is an...
  2. Halo9372

    Found Out Where ABUNIVERSE Is Getting Their Diapers

    I found out where ab universe is getting their diapers and they only cost 22 cents a piece not including the shipping costs. It appears as though they are buying them from a manufacturer in china. Not only that, but you can buy them yourself and pay for overseas shipping. I haven't made a...
  3. Halo9372

    Technical Question Minecraft Server inaccesible

    I don't know if the server is currently running or people have forgotten. I went into text chat to ask a few people how to connect and no one had answers. I downloaded the ftb and paired my account but when I follow the direction to go to the arrow in the top left of the launcher to select ftb...
  4. Halo9372

    New to the abdl scene

    I've been into diapers all my life even as a child. As I get older I feel more guilty about engaging in wearing diapers. How many people do this. Am I alone? What is the most acceptable way of engaging in this in a healthy way without it interfering with life? Please post positive responses. I...
  5. Halo9372

    Suggestion Section on the site for posting reccomended products and reviews of those products.

    If ADISC had a database for preferred products by users with reviews and pictures it would be a great reference.
  6. Halo9372

    AB Universe - no order

    Does anyone know how I can get my money back or some type of input from ABUniverse? I ordered 85 dollars worth of diapers from them and it's been over a month. I pre-ordered 1 day before availability and I still don't have my order. Even worse, I'm staying with my nosey family and I constantly...
  7. Halo9372

    Hello Everyone!

    Never really been open anywhere about my abdl habits. Guess there's a first time for everything. Hope you guys will welcome me into the club.:sweatdrop: