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  1. Rafiq

    1990s Baby

    Just a thread for those born in 1990s, if so what year, what you can remember etc. I was a baby from 1993 to 1995- pampers and took a soother. Feel free to share such memories or PM me.
  2. Rafiq

    Nappy Rash

    I really long for the day when I suffered nappy rash as a toddler. Typically my mum would change me, wipe me and tidy up the dirty nappy. Typically then she would place a new nappy on me ready to tape up but suddenly then she would get sudocream and dip her fingers in before spreading it across...
  3. Rafiq


    My little age is 18months and I'm still heavily relying on my dummy / soother. Anyone else the same? I can just about remember my mum putting a dummy in my mouth as an 18month year old- i often wonder why I liked it so much.
  4. Rafiq

    Bonding time

    As a baby born in the mid 1990s, I was lucky enough to wear pampers. My mum who changed my dirty nappies said a change with her mostly resulted in her belly kissing me and playing with me before re dressing me. Did anyone else experience something similar as a toddler?
  5. Rafiq

    Nappy Rash

    Apparently I suffered it when I was a toddler. My mum using sudocream to help it. I'm intrigued do you ye think every change would have consisted of her putting sudocream on me? Is powder or cream more effective?
  6. Rafiq

    Nappy Change scenerio

    Ideally I'm 18months as a toddler. My mum looks over at me, and states "Have you a dirty nappy"? She comes over and grabs me before sniffing me and declaring, "you have a stinky bum" I'm wearing pampers and I'm led away to be changed. For all of us who would like to be a toddler, what's your...
  7. Rafiq

    Being a toddler

    My little age is two.. I just wish I could be at a family gathering and expierence doing a poo uncontrollably without any fear. Then to be changed in front of everyone, again not a care in the world. Id even love to take a dummy. If only...
  8. Rafiq

    Buggy sighting

    I often see toddlers in their buggy being pushed around, then I wish that was me again. As a baby born in the 1990s, my mum often had me in my buggy while I was still in nappies. Its a memory and recollection that stays with me alot. I think it's the lack of control I like eg harnessed in...
  9. Rafiq

    Baby talk

    Just out of interest how much baby talk would like you over the course of a nappy change. As a toddler I expierenced it alot, phrases like "where is the baby" "have you been a dirty boy", Another part of my fetish I guess.
  10. Rafiq

    Difficult at nappy change time

    Do ye think you'd be a wriggler at nappy change time? Alot of mums experience difficult in changing a nappy as a baby gets older etc not lying still for nappy change Would ye lie still or be a little naughty and wriggle?
  11. Rafiq

    Rain Hood (Buggy)

    Another part of my own fetish is a rain hood on a buggy. I think it is extra protection and pampering given to you as a toddler that gets me when it's placed over a buggy. I have photos of myself in a buggy with the rain hood over me as toddler. Obviously it's protection from rain but I like the...
  12. Rafiq

    Changing bag

    Imagine your a toddler, your heading for a day out with mummy What's in the changing bag?
  13. Rafiq

    Seeing a toddler

    I get so jealous seeing a toddler Knowing their in nappies and need to be changed Knowing a lovely mummy has to change them Knowing they get a soother Knowing they still have a buggy Tough....
  14. Rafiq

    Fantasy of being a real baby

    Unfortunately for me I have little desire to be an adult baby. I try and relate to my small self as a toddler. I try to envisage myself being babied by my mum. That's why when I am out in public and see real babies I get jealous. I want to be one wearing a Pampers, sucking a soother and being...
  15. Rafiq

    Cold Weather

    Given the cold weather here in the UK, I have that urge to be a toddler wrapped up in many layers with a pampers underneath held in place by a popper vest. I love to be in my stroller all warm before dirtying my nappy uncontrollably My mum would have to change me at home in front of the warm...
  16. Rafiq

    I did it again

    I walked down to my local Tesco and Walked down the baby aisle. I viewed the nappies, soothers and creams and bottles. I wanted to be a baby right there and then...
  17. Rafiq

    1990s Baby

    Is there many on this forum born in the 1990s? What's your little space if so...
  18. Rafiq

    Potty training Age

    On average what age is a toddler potty trained at?
  19. Rafiq


    Is this a fantasy for many on here? I'd love to be a toddler boy being breastfed
  20. Rafiq

    Toddler Boy

    Anyone here wish they were a toddler boy about 2years of age I definitely wish I was, still in nappies, sucking a soother and needing a stroller. I also would love a lovely mummy to baby me at this age