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    Antibiotics Cause Diarrhea - Tips and Tricks

    Every time I'm on antibiotics everything goes through me like water, I wear "Molicare SuperPlus" and I just make sure to stay changed and keep a few diapers in my book bag or under the car seat. P.s. Yogurt seems to always help when I'm on antibiotics, just 1 or 2 per day and that at least...
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    BedWetting Husband

    I'm sorry that you even have to go through this. I'm a bed wetter for my whole life (27) years of it, it's super hard in relationships. But here's the best diaper on the market, or at least for me "Molicare SuperPlus" there a little thick, but I've never wet the bed in them, and I can't control...
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    HELP! I think someone stole one of my diapers in my secret diaper stash?!

    Thank You Llayden, I needed a good laugh.
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    Stress incontinence becoming more frequent…

    It may be your wearing pads and feeling more secure and releasing more, or it could be a health problem, I'd see a urologist anyway. They don't care if your wearing a oversize adult diaper or a maxi, their there to offer medical advice, so you can be honest. I'm 24/7 IC, I love wearing my...
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    Abu lavender on boys or are they a sissy

    No your fine wearing a purple diaper, I'm a girl and I wear boy diapers and goodnites so I don't see anything wrong with it. Plus it's your thing, if you tell everyone your wearing a diaper their not going to say "Oh but its a girl diaper". Diapers are fun, try the Abu Lavender and have fun...
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    Hello everybody

    Welcome LittleBigKid, I love drawing too! I know you'll love adisc
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    Advice please?? (Girls, I know you'll be able to help me out!)

    Why make yourself suffer, I hate my period, and diapers have no problem keeping up with a heavy flow.| Once you wear diapers for your period, seriously, you'll never go back to pads, etc. and I think most of women on here will agree completely and be understanding. Just wear some sweats pants or...
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    How long you've been in a wet diaper?

    OMG, I wet right at the start of star wars and I stayed and watched it twice, I didn't have a diaper to change into, so I just stayed wet, it was fun.
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    Do you wear diapers in public?

    I'm 24/7 IC, so not only do I wear in public, I've never worn anything but a diaper in public, just part of life. I did get nervous when I went to school though, if anyone found out I was in diapers, I don't know what I'd done.
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    We'll I know how you feel, my dad doesn't even like me that much, other wise, He'd know about my diapers like my mom... But we've all had to cover, and yours was spot on. I would find a better hiding place for the diapers though, if he finds them again, you'll really be in a pickle. best of luck :)
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    OK, wow thats a hard one, I'm 24/7 IC and my dad still has no clue..... guess it depends on how understanding your dad is. my mom understands my diapering and is helpful with it, but I'd never tell my dad because he's not understanding of anything. So if you two don't have the greatest...
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    Ok, who found them, Mom, new GF, friend, sister or brother, etc? that would seriously help everyone to know whats up, and stay cool headed.
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    the age old question

    maybe this will be helpful? I'm 5'3 at 43kg-95lbs, Here's whats comfortable for me: Goodnites sm-l/xl, pampers cruisers 7-babydry 6, small adult diapers like tena-tranqulity. Here's what I can wear but it's a little tight, pampers cruisers 4 to 5, pull-ups 4-5t, huggies 5-6, luvs 5-6. Here's...
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    Can any of you wear a diaper in public with out being scared

    Way to go disneygeek! solving a work problem and having fun doing it, can't beat that :)
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    Can any of you wear a diaper in public with out being scared

    I'm IC but as far as being scared, I'm not, because to me, my diapers are my panties, just with padding and sometimes a Disney design LoL. I like wearing my short shorts, and my mini skirts and I'm sure people have noticed my diapers. But seriously, even if someone said anything to me, I'd just...
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    First Public Nappy Wearing

    Maybe instead of trying to wet in public, try wearing to town once or twice a week till you get use to it, then try wetting and public changing, baby steps might make it easier. I can go out with friends all night and most of them never know I'm diapered. Good Luck cuddlzfan :)
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    Coming Out As ABDL in College

    Maybe doing this while your still in college may be a bit risky. I mean, we all know how people "label" each other, I would love to see a film on ab/dl, like a real film to help others with this, and to help the real world understand we're not crazy. I remember fighting my ab/dl when I was...
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    Diapers and working!

    Being 24/7 IC I've gotten so use to wearing to work, I don't even think about it. My only issue was being in college, I used my diaper 10 minutes into a 2 hour class, "someone accidentally pulled the fire alarm", yes my diapering caused me to reach that point in my life. But nobody found out I...
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    How long does it take to put on your Diaper?

    Im Incotinence 24/7 forever, so like 30 sec is the norm, I've had lots of practice :)
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    Merry Christmas!

    I hope everyone has a very blessed & merry christmas!!!