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  1. ShyBuizel

    Have any of you ever gone broke from diapers?

    Is your urge to buy diapers so strong that you go broke from buying diaper products until you have no money left ? I just wondered because it is easy for me to get carried away. It is so easy to buy an abundance of ABDL merchandise. Probably what leaves me with money in my pocket is being stingy...
  2. ShyBuizel

    What have your non-ABDL friends thought about your diaper ineterst ?

    If you have any friends/Family who are not an ABDL what are their thoughts about it or about you ? Do they think its weird or do they just ignore it ? :confused:
  3. ShyBuizel

    So why are you all afraid of buying diapers ?

    Today I got the strength to go out and buy some cheap Walgreens diapers. This is the first time I ever bought adult diapers >.< I figured I'd start low and work my way up to higher quality diapers eventually. But to tell you the truth I wasn't worried at all. Which was uprising. I was more...
  4. ShyBuizel

    Help on wearing diapers !

    Hello guys, For years I have had diaper related interest but refrained from embracing them. Throughout high school I wanted wear them but due to band and other after school programs I didn't have the time and/or the money to purchase them. Well I recently graduated and now I want to try out...
  5. ShyBuizel

    Ummm Hai ?

    Uhh Yeah..... Well my name is Michael but you can call me my username if its easier? I have furry interest but am not very open about it. Ugh forgive me because i am horrible at introductions. I am 18 and a senior in high school. Relating to my username I am EXTREMELY SHY! I hate talking to new...