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  1. jiffypop

    Working on my CCNA, anyone else have any certification experience?

    Because I missed doing homework when I came home from work at night :graduate: So far I'm surprised at how much I remember from my university and how useful what they taught me was. Especially the hands on labs with the routers/switches that I swore I'd never use. I bought the router and...
  2. jiffypop

    Strange dreams when wearing anyone else experience this?

    I've not really been wearing for very long, bought my first pack in june. Though I've been around the community since last May. Anyway, I've worn to bed twice, and both nights I've had strange dreams involving myself being caught. The first time, I was in WalMart with my best friend and I...
  3. jiffypop

    Computer brag topic!

    I searched through and didn't see any topics like this on the forum already. Just thought I'd see what kind of rigs the other techie adiscers are running. This is my Sager 9262 desknote that I got two years ago February. Runs Crysis maxed at 1920x1200 with 0x AA. Haven't really tried playing...
  4. jiffypop

    Does anyone else remember when girls would wear pacifiers as fashion items?

    I have this vague memory about 10 years ago that I'd seen pictures somewhere of girls with paci's in their mouths as some sort of fashion item. Then I was reading elsewhere that alluded to it in passing. Does anyone remember anything like this or is this just some complicated memory my mind...
  5. jiffypop

    Moving from Windows->OSX based computers at church

    If you want to skip all the back story you can just read the last paragraph First and foremost I've always been a Windows person this is largely because of my distaste with Apple's strongarm marketing tactics and draconian control of all aspects of hardware/software that go on their machines as...
  6. jiffypop

    Probably not the typical member but hope I'll be welcome all the same

    A bit of explanation about the topic title, as of right now I don't engage in any sort of infantilism or wear diapers. However, whenever I was younger (12-13, I'm 20 now) there was a time in my life where I did. Reading some of the topics in the Teen Baby section I saw users that were discussing...