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  1. BabyDavy

    I'm Enough But I Have Dream

    I Am Full Of Compassion. I Genuinely Want To Make The World A Better Place. I Love Hard. I Practice Kindness. I Am Not Afraid Of The Truth. I Am Loyal, Adventurous, Supporting, And Surprising. I Make Mistakes But I Own Them And Learn From Them. I Understand That No One Owes "Us" Anything. But...
  2. BabyDavy

    I'm I The Only One?

    Do Any Other ABDL's Wish And Pray That They Could Be A Real Baby Again For At Least A Little While? Forever Would Be Ok Too!! I Do. [emoji93] [emoji120] Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk
  3. BabyDavy

    What's Your Little Age?

    Mine Is 6 Months ☺❤ Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk