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  1. thefurealfriends2

    Anyone play VRChat?

    There is a a tone of abdl, furry, disperfur worlds on vrchat
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    Very sad 😭

    My best friend in elementary school in the 5th grade he was nearly 180lbs, by the time we graduated high school he was $300 lbs....
  3. thefurealfriends2

    Very sad 😭

    If you're hundred and ten pounds you're the size of a fifth or sixth grader...
  4. thefurealfriends2

    Very sad 😭

    Good god, This is in the anorexic category. I mean I'm five five 125 and people think I'm freaking miniscule...
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    Thrift Find adult diapers vintage pampers style.

    Found these at the thrift store, i had to take a second look but noticed the green hooknloop and a whole case for 16$ so ok! Then after opening i noticed there age! Wood pulp, no double legg cuffs, they hang in the bum just like pampers from the early to mid ninety's. There medline, I'm pretty...
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    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    yes, they get loose, and im with in the size range!. but they hold alot, to me and do make me feel like a child, i sniggle up in my pawpatrol bed and paw patrol stuffed animals. And I feel safe, like im free...But i have bladder issues as well. I would have plastic diapers but i dont like...
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    Can you remember wetting bed at camp?

    Camp hanes,the Y was bedwetter friendly, as someone else said there was a question on the application for it. I sure we had specific cabins that grouped the bedwetters together. I went every year up to 16, at 15 on you move up to adventure camp. I did have a bunk mate that was a wetter and he...
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    5t-6t easy ups, has any gotten these yet?

    Yea, 4t-5t pullups i can fit into.. i was wondering if it was like ninjamas.
  9. thefurealfriends2

    5t-6t easy ups, has any gotten these yet?

    So, i see there 41+lbs. So im guessing there like a size 7 or a medium goodnites. I would love to get some but i would like to see thete size. Because if there the same as a small /medium goodnites ill get some.
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    Parent's choice stage 7 diapers holy crap they're huge

    Walgreens has new size 7 , there awsome...
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    Goodnites XL out of stock on Amazon? › local Web results Why are toilet paper prices going up? |
  12. thefurealfriends2

    Goodnites XL out of stock on Amazon?

    Out of all the things going on, people just don't care at the moment....
  13. thefurealfriends2

    Goodnites XL out of stock on Amazon?

    Have not seen any xl just large. For the past 2 months. Walgreens had xl 2 months ago, don't know about now...,
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    How many of us do you think are out there?

    A lot,.... I've got some type of person that has been trying to get my attention. They left a diaper at the drive way, I slid it too the side into the grass, got up the next morning and now there were two, they were both size three pullups unused. I am an adult, but I found my calling becoming a...
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    Any Diapered Musicians

    I'm finally accepting it now, and embracing it, the trolls can be quite hardcore, I got one that is going to cause problems....
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    Any Diapered Musicians

    I'm famous,
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    How can I buy diapers online without my parents knowing?

    just have it sent to a local store that accepts UPS or fedex packages and you just go pick it up in the store..