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  1. jamiejamie

    "Embarrassing moments"

    Oh yea. My mom did that well into my teen years. 🙄
  2. jamiejamie

    When you post on these forums so much that you accidentally sent "goodnites" to your bf instead of "goodnight"

    I do normally type Goodnite without the letter “s” at the end so I’m good.
  3. jamiejamie

    Northshore Leak

    Might need to change diaper once in the middle of the night if it continues to over-fill or cut down on liquid before bed. Sorry this is happening. Or wear a plastic pants and maybe it’ll help contain the leaks.
  4. jamiejamie

    What was your first exposure to abdl community

    Oh yea. I had totally forgotten about DPF.
  5. jamiejamie

    What sort of underwear do you wear when you're not wearing nappies

    I wear breathable boxer briefs. The cotton ones doesn’t do for me cuz it just gets wet from sweating and gives off an odor.
  6. jamiejamie

    What was your first exposure to abdl community

    Yea. It’s pretty bad. Glad that’s shut down. Heard horrid stories about it later on.
  7. jamiejamie

    Future diaper prints/designs

    Crinklz Aquanut also has marine life on it.
  8. jamiejamie

    Future diaper prints/designs

    Yea!!! I’m a scientist by trade. Would love to wear that just for work.
  9. jamiejamie

    Future diaper prints/designs

    Had to look up Hello Bello. Now that’s cool!
  10. jamiejamie

    Future diaper prints/designs

    Green/brown camo. Not blue or pink. Also I would love adult looking patterns found on adult underwear like stripes that can look like a regular underwear to other people.
  11. jamiejamie

    Love Friday Night Lights! Diaper too!

    Love Friday Night Lights! Diaper too!
  12. jamiejamie

    Wetting while going through a drive thru

    A good start. For wetting in front of people, I’d suggest drinking a lot of water and wait til your really have to go bathroom as in doing the “pee pee dance” and then find someone to talk to, and try to relieve yourself slowly. Just don’t let it all go at once cuz the sound may be more...
  13. jamiejamie

    What got you back into diapers?

    Started when I was about 12 years old and was holding my baby cousin (he was like 2 y/o) on my lap and he pooped in his diaper and leaked on my pants. I was really curious why it leaked so I took some from his diaper bag without anyone seeing and put it inside my underwear just for fun. And then...
  14. jamiejamie

    Tykables Order

    That would be awesome!
  15. jamiejamie

    Feedback on Little Kings/AlphaGatorz

    Yea. I love the SDK. Fits me soooo good that I’m not complaining. Haven’t had the “bad” batch since I am on a long break from wearing due to family.
  16. jamiejamie

    Do you wear "normal" underwear over your diaper?

    No, I don’t really wear anything over it. I tend to leak more when wearing underwear because it gets into the leg cuffs and starts to absorb the wetness and transfer it to my pants. Sometimes I would wear boxer briefs if I am doing physical activity to help hold it in place.
  17. jamiejamie

    What's more enjoyable

    Same here. I love to wet my diapers and just keep it soaked. Once in a while I’d poop and then change it right away. I don’t wanna have to clean it up if I sit on it and smushed it all over my butt and groin.
  18. jamiejamie


    Yup. Better than having an accident in front off everybody.
  19. jamiejamie

    Feedback on Little Kings/AlphaGatorz

    Post here what your first thoughts are after wearing them for the first time?
  20. jamiejamie

    What was your first exposure to abdl community

    My first exposure was when I was a teenager and using dial up modem. Very painful slow Internet speed.