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    Pacifier and Pamper

    Does anybody else find it is easier to let go and pee pee in their diaper if sucking on a pacifier? I just discovered this and I wonder why. Thoughts??
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    I'm an adult baby girl. I am wondering if anyone else finds this to be true... the size 18 to 36 months pacifier fits my mouth perfectly. I tried an adult sized one recently for the first time and HATED how it felt. It gagged me. Am I the only one and would this just mean that I have a small mouth?
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    help need advice

    Has anyone ever told their psychiatrist about their AB needs?? If so how did that go??? I have an appointment tomorrow and considering telling him but baby girl is scared; (
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    Pacifier REALLY soothes???

    So I have been feeling really sad and anxious lately. I just diapered myself and I am laying here with my teddy and paci watching TV. Does being little help anyone else LITERALLY stop the tears and soothe them when they feel they cannot handle life anymore?? It is is like my paci REALLY does...
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    unhappy Bday girl

    So yesterday (3/15)was my birthday and it just really sucked. Times like these I wish I could just be diapered and loved. Am I the only one???? I long to be put back into a pamper and just taken care of. Real life totally sucks.;( ;(
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    Hi from a Texas newbie

    Hi. I moved out on my own for the very first time last year. I am shy and sensitive. I love to read and I write poetry. I am an adult baby girl. I have always loved teddy bears and other stuffed animals and around my early teens I became interested in diapers,baby things and being babied. As...