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  1. thefurealfriends2

    Thrift Find adult diapers vintage pampers style.

    Found these at the thrift store, i had to take a second look but noticed the green hooknloop and a whole case for 16$ so ok! Then after opening i noticed there age! Wood pulp, no double legg cuffs, they hang in the bum just like pampers from the early to mid ninety's. There medline, I'm pretty...
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    5t-6t easy ups, has any gotten these yet?

    So, i see there 41+lbs. So im guessing there like a size 7 or a medium goodnites. I would love to get some but i would like to see thete size. Because if there the same as a small /medium goodnites ill get some.
  3. thefurealfriends2

    My dad,bph why I don't visit, or talk to him.

    I have had no choice but move in with my dad and stepmom. My peice of garbage roommate is getting us evicted because of his parties. So I asked my dad if I could take the room over the garage, he said sure. Then the day I'm coming over he says oh my wife has bought a bed and wants you to stay in...
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    Regression... Living as a 5 year old... Do you have a converted room? Or do you just age play...

    Not untill recently did I ever think about living as a child. I have a normal job. But when I get home I live in the world of a 6 year old. I have a Mickey bed, paw patrol sheets, toys wall stickers,kids cups and plates the whole nine. For some reason I think it's stress. I,m happy when I'm...
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    Harris teeter getting rid of depends size s/m. Clearence 75 percent off

    Every store I've been to they are talking the large packs of small/medium off the shelf, as well as several other products to make there selection smaller. If you use depends for light to moderate incontinence, you can find them for anywhere from $3.25 to $6.75 for a pack of 32...
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    From vendor"pull-up, incontinence, paper product shortage" reduced selections, higher prices

    A girl at one of our retailer's saw me taking a picture of the baby section and said." Do you know when we are getting more I have been getting calls from people wanting to know why the stores are running out of pullups, ".. as a vendor this is what we are being told... Paper products are in...
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    My roommates, girl friend is into abdl,

    She comes down stairs wearing(below) , I thought was was going to cry, Im not alone. I have wanted to meet another little, and it turns out I live with one...what a small world after all
  8. thefurealfriends2

    Parent's choice stage 7 diapers holy crap they're huge

    I've never gotten these cuz I thought they would be so like a Pampers but there the same size if not larger than goodnites large extra large holy crap that's insane I've never seen a diaper so big except for those European sizes. I can't believe that this is a diaper I can actually wear without...
  9. thefurealfriends2

    Drynites 12hour protection

    Well, wonder if we'll get these in the us. It would be nice to get a thicker goodnites
  10. thefurealfriends2

    Walgreens diapers not bad, 80 for 28$

    They're not bad nice and crinkly, I do like my mom used to do cut a slit down the middle of the first diaper then put the second on. I normally get North shore, but when I used to these I get 4 tabs per side which makes them nice and tight. I've gone twice already without the line changing so...
  11. thefurealfriends2

    Hording boys/mens underwear need advice (no little boys) just 12-30 because they fit.

    I have always done this even as a kid, i think it's because my parents would not let me wear print underwear only white. They would tell me there for baby,s even if there were my size. I know many people horde diapers with cute prints. I do this with underwear, and white. Over the years i have...
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    Tomorrow my company is demoing our new size 6 diaper......

    i never thought it would happen, demoing diapers for kids, yea 35lb and up is like 4 years old and up....hahah you go have a sample diaper for your 3-8 year old. do they wet the bed...heres a size 6 diaper for ya....joke....but yea they left us with 3 huge box's of size 6 sample.s
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    Is is that common for guys to poop and pee them selves.

    ok, the reason i ask! sense i was a kid i have often wondered if I was the only guy who liked of did not mind when a little extra came out, or if you cant find the loo (stuck in a fortnite round) just had an energy drink and bam your peeing your self or taking a crap. any way, my roommate...
  14. thefurealfriends2

    The can of worms is the reason i dont post on here any more!!

    So after reading the comments below! there is nothing this site has for me considering i wear goodnites. Because there not real!!!or small or what ever!!! I am one of the 5%, i cant gain weight, i loose it faster than i can eat! Its not fair to anyone who is my size. I use them with out a...
  15. thefurealfriends2

    Just got new goodnites, and they have gotten both wider and bigger (manufacture date) aug 18 2018

    (If your a panda please do no diss us hobbits)its mean and rude........... Yea, so a couple of weeks ago i posted about stores being sold out, so i waited and found now most stores have the new goodnites, manufactured mid aug 2018. and wow....there wider and bigger.....they fit perfectly now...
  16. thefurealfriends2

    New goodnites, Yep that time again

    well store shelves are out of l/xl again, I went to 4. even the box store only had s/m. Every time this happens we get new product improvements"un". Target is most of the time the first place i see them. and targets night pants are manufactured by kimberly clark. If we remember the s/m...
  17. thefurealfriends2

    After Waiting for nearly a year Our Dollar General got size 7

    So it's been exactly a year sense the last DG post, and ours after a year gets them...... any way i was surprised how big they are, there the same size as the dollar general night pants xl, but the waist is not as big. now they dont have alot of graphics, so i thought ill get some of those cute...
  18. thefurealfriends2

    Planning new innovations for Goodnites/depends that will help gain more market... This is the post from yesterday... I hope what there saying is true
  19. thefurealfriends2

    Goodnites new site for young adults and teens Wetting the bed can be embarrassing at any age. But what if you are a young adult hiding it from your friends? Teenagers who wet the bed at night, experiencing a condition known as nocturnal...