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    Changing your body clock/pooping time

    Does anyone know haow to change the time you poop> i need to change it about 12 hours. At present i am an early morning pooper having always beeen trained to go before school as a kid. Result when i wake up with a wet diaper instead of having time to enjoy it i have the urge to go number 2 so i...
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    Coloured Diapers

    Does anyone know where you can get the Diapers called "United colors of Bennatonn"They come in Blue and red with stars on and look really cute I havnt seen them for sale anywhere Do they still make them?
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    Do you sit down to pee if your not diapered

    Excuse me if this is a dumb question but I honestly want to know. I have a friend whose kind of a sissy but doesnt wear diapers. We were at the mall the other day and went to the bathroom together. There was a que for the stalls but the wet wall was free. MY friend wouldnt use the wet wall...
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    Ive seen a Neighbour in a diaper > How do I ask him if hes a DL

    We live in an apartment complex and most people hang their laundry out on their balcony to dry. Recently a new family moved in on the 3rd floor opposite our block and the other day i was looking up at their unit early in the morning when i saw the boy (who is about 15) come out on the balcony in...
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    For all bedwetters- How long do you wear them

    For all of you who are bedwetters when you wake up in the morning do you change immediately or go to breakfast still in a wet diaper and then change later. My rents have all sorts of rules like I have to shower and change immediately i get up and diapers are only to be worn in my room so once i...
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    Were you toilet trained ok-or did you need help

    I wonder whether many of us had toilet training problems when we were younger and how this affected us as D/LS. I was a cronic poop witholder and would often end up going in my pants till about 10 and my mum often used suppositories to make me poop. I never got to wear a diaper when i had a...
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    What's with Wetness Indicators in Diapers?

    Whats with the stripes they put in diapers to tell you there wet .YOu know for example Tranquilitys have apink strip that turns blue> I can understand them on baby diapers but not on big sizes. I mean you wet adipaer you know you are wet ! Why advertise the fact to the world by having a strip...
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    Mechanical Aids for stopping Bedwetting

    I have wet the bed fro as long as i can remember and i stopped when i was about 13 but then i started deliberately about 18 months ago . My parents took me to the doctor who just said nothing was wrong and i would grow out of it which was cool cause I still got to wear a diaper. Recently my mum...
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    Hello from NZ

    Hi iM mike and im 16 . I live in New Zealand at the bottom of the world but the first place to see the sun. I have worn ndiapers or nappies as there called here as long as i can remeber because of a chronic bedwetting problem> I guess i never really liked them till i was about 13 and one of my...