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  1. moocow

    Diaper Paysite That Uses The Alias "Changing Times"

    as embarrassing as it may be, you may have to call your credit card company and see what type of info they can give you. All you really need to explain is that you signed up for something and don't remember what it is. worst case, you could always say that you were drunk and don't remember...
  2. moocow

    Crickey... very nearly caught out!! Ironically!!

    Something very similar happened to me the other day. DL friend and I were wearing. I assured him that nobody ever stops by and that I'm not worried. What happens, the next door neighbor who I occasionally help with computer stuff, needs help and comes knocking. Nothing like the crap almost...
  3. moocow

    Pointer brand shortalls on sale for only $20!

    i strongly dislike you. I want a pair, but I just can't afford it with christmas coming up and having to get other people stuff
  4. moocow

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    bought some of those myself the other day...did you get "my first training pants" or "almost a big kid" Also, none at the moment...haven't really had a chance to wear recently
  5. moocow

    Technical Question Email Link Problem

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is a problem with gmail, or some setting I'm not setting in my profile. All the links are like this inside the email. showthread.php?t=1595&p=912269#post912269 Not sure if those could actually be linked to adisc and then possibly updated to the slug link style...
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    Best brand for baby looking over alls

    I've been looking at getting these recently. Berne® Men's Hickory Stripe Unlined Bib Overall - 106108399 | Tractor Supply Company
  7. moocow

    Unusually warm !for St. Patrick's Day!!!

    I have a friend who works for the weather channel. He tweeted something earlier this week saying in the last 7 days (I think from thursday) there were over 1000 high temperature records broken. Crazy weather
  8. moocow

    have you ever wondered???

    I've found 2, met one and i'm working on meeting the other. Granted, it is a College of 20,000+
  9. moocow

    Bug Report Bugs noticed due to the side bar being enabled

    Not sure how it has been going on but I noticed today that the gradient image that holds the posts and view count is a little messed up. This only happens on threads that are forced to two lines. I do have the side bar expanded. Picture of the image in question...
  10. moocow

    Picture I saw on reddit

    So, I was surfing reddit and I saw this picture. Simple work schedule until the end of the first part. Made me chuckle
  11. moocow

    Warm and Cozy

    I did figure out something during the night though. The pajamas I bought don't have feet, so I wear socks with them. The issue I have though is when I get under my blanket the legs of the pajamas start to slide up. A while ago, I bought diaper pins and really haven't used them. Well tonight...
  12. moocow

    Warm and Cozy

    Woo! I am all nice and warm in my 1 piece pajamas. Diapered in a Molicare with a Luvs stuffer. It is 43 tonight where I currently am...anybody else warm and cozy on this weird cold night? P.S. Also bought a Nuk 5 today...Excited
  13. moocow

    footed sleeper

    I think the point of the drop seat is for you not to wear underwear...
  14. moocow

    Cloth Diapers - Where do I start?

    it really depends on the type you get. I got a diaper/stuffer from babykins that is a prefold velcro. All I have to do is sit down and put it on. A couple different methods, google this "the art of diapering - diaper folding techniques" That has 3 different methods I believe. But yes, it...
  15. moocow

    Temporary outside of Georgia for the Semester...Will be class of Dec 2012 when I finally...

    Temporary outside of Georgia for the Semester...Will be class of Dec 2012 when I finally graduate. In statesboro when I go to school, outside of atlanta when not at school
  16. moocow

    Are all internships 10 weeks?

    I can say, most reasons the internships are so long are because you have to complete a min number of hours. I believe I am doing 1.5x the number of hours actually required for mine, but I am doing a coop with a power company. Good luck on your search.
  17. moocow

    I really want a pair of footie pajamas for christmas :[

    Great mine. Worth all the money I spent on it
  18. moocow

    as seen on the internet me some reddit
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    ADISC Secret Santa

    I hope this comes a tradition...there are some funny gifts here.
  20. moocow

    ADISC Secret Santa

    weird...worked for me. You give it a .jpg?