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    Baby leggings

    We need some abdl leggings that have the wide butt area to accomodate diapers as well as with the cute butt panelling. See this for example

    I'm not an emotional or descriptive person, except when it comes to diapers

    Like I'm very logical and direct, I hate and can't understand poetry or flowery words. Like I don't get it when people use lots of descriptive words to describe something they like or a vacation or anything like that....EXCEPT when it comes to diapers. The 3 things i like are computer...

    How do you know when your diaper needs to be changed?

    I'm having trouble knowing how to identify when its getting to the point before leaks would happen. My current guess is that its when it gets squishy in the butt area so I assume its oversaturated with liquid, but maybe its different per diaper?

    Cat and Jack's adaptive bodysuit with attached shirt These go up to 14/16 and they are fantastic. What I like is that it is a t-shirt with a onesie built in underneath. I found it way more convinent then having separate onesie and shirt since its...

    Best diaper for universal studios trip?

    I'm going to Halloween horror nights and want to know what's the best absorbency diaper that would last all night (about 6 hours, maybe a bit more) without needing changing. I want to trust it and not have to even think about the possibility of a leak, otherwise I would end up holding my...

    Little clothes that you can wear in public?

    I really want some childish clothes that I can wear in public, sadly girls have way more options then guys here. So far I found tykables shoes and aliexpress has this adorable dino sweater but aliexpress stuff is extremely low quality and unreliable. So anyone know of any...

    How to dispose of a diaper a day when living with family

    For wearing at night of course. I also want to avoid wasting plastic bags by individual wrapping each one

    What is the ideal tongue and lips positioning for paci use?

    So I tried to determine this by researching how babies use pacis, bottles and nipples. It seems babies have a natural tongue thrust which puts their tongue over their gums. This positioning works for breastfeeding since they use the tongue to squeeze out the milk. The tongue kind of "hooks...

    Are Goodnights S/M bigger then pullups 4t-5t?

    So the 4t-5t fit me ok, and the designs on the smaller goodnights are much nicer then the xl. So how much bigger is the S/M then the XL goodnights if at all?

    Hindu Pushups/squats

    Anyone every try em? I'm trying to workout with them and they seem to be working considering how hard they get.

    Toy Story 3

    OMG!!!! Ending almost made me cry. Too good! First 2 were like my favorite childhood movies so just had to see third in theaters. Discuss

    Modnation Racers

    This game seems to be going under hyped and a lot of people don't seem interested, but I can't wait for it! Anyone else getting it and wanna race?

    Need a gaming tv

    So I'm finally getting a ps3, and I need a tv in my bedroom to go along with it. I know like nothing about televisions so I turn to you guys for some help. From what I gathered, I'm gonna want something in the 20's inch range thats 720p so its not super expensive but decent enough? I can pretty...

    Multicolored nails??

    Yeah, all my nails, fingers atleast that is i think, are multicolored. They like go down in different shades throughout. Any ideas? It's been like this for as long as I can remember, and I don't remember any doctor making a statement about, not that they ever say anything useful.


    Anyone got Borderlands for the pc and wanna run through the game together? My id is: IWANTHOTDOG

    Anyone hear of Borderlands?

    It's this crazy fps/rpg comin out October 20th. Would be awesome to do some online 4 player co op together if ya get pc version since that's what I'm getting.

    Left 4 Dead

    The demo for preordered people comes out on the 6th. Anyone else preorder and wanna play together? Or wanna play when actual game comes out? If ya have steam, add me anyway even if ya wont play L4D. Steam id: [email protected]