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  1. NEJay

    Best Peeing Drinks

    Keystone, Bud Light... Crappy beer in general... :)
  2. NEJay

    Who would prefer the Bambino Bellisiom in Bianco form?

    Same here... I'd much prefer the teddy prints.
  3. NEJay

    Pictures as an AB

    I've got lots of pictures of me in various amounts of ABDL gear all over the place. All are at ABDL related websites, so I'm not too concerned. I've also made the front page of a local paper, in overalls, onesie and paci, being held by a lion babyfur... But that was Halloween. :)
  4. NEJay

    Just got my Molicare Super Plus sample yeseterday...

    :) True... The Super Plus are obviously thickest, but both that and the Super are pretty absorbent. Not as much as an Abena, Bambino, or Dry 24/7, but still quite good. I never really cared for them much because purple isn't my thing, and I always found the front of the diaper to feel stiff and...
  5. NEJay

    Hello, new

    Speak for yourself... I'd love a plane ride! :) Welcome to the forum, teenpilot!
  6. NEJay

    I really want a pair of footie pajamas for christmas :[

    What is your height and waist size? Wouldn't be the first, or last time I shipped a Target sleeper cross-country...
  7. NEJay

    Where to take my AB 'out' to?

    Considering that you're both adults (assuredly?), I'd take him/her out for a nice dinner where you two can talk about what each other and your backgrounds, interests, and what you'd like to do to explore the hobby... As adults. Being in the scene for so long, I've seen soooo many people get...
  8. NEJay


    Doing the fam thing Wednesday to Friday, then going out with some ABDLs for a night in NYC this coming Saturday, and then the weekend after hosting a big padded potluck (belated) thanksgiving with the New England ABDL crew. Busy busy. :)
  9. NEJay

    About North Shore care

    Because he chose to ask an educated forum of like-minded individuals. :p :) Yes, they will accept prepaid cards, but as DCViper stated, the card will probably have to be registered with a billing address online. Most online merchants nowadays cross-reference the billing zip code to prevent...
  10. NEJay


    There is... Boost your immune system! ;) Hot cocoa and tea might make you feel good temporarily, but in the long run the excess sugars and caffeine won't do you any good. You need to make sure you're eating well... Lots of protein (chicken, turkey, and lean beef), and lots of veggies that are...
  11. NEJay

    Tyra Banks Show: AB/DL

    Ahh... Someone is posting via iPhone. :) I can't stand how stupid that woman and her show is... That said, I've seen several excerpts from episodes for the shock value (if you haven't seen the chick that eats toilet paper, look it up), and she seemed to treat her ABDL guest with less cynicism...
  12. NEJay


    Welcome to ADISC, Nik!
  13. NEJay

    Just a head's up. Target sleepers...

    Are on sale! :) Currently $10 instead of the $12.99 they usually are, and they seem to have plenty of different designs in stock of the XL size. I grabbed a couple last week and will probably go for some more... They're a bit of a weakness for me. :)
  14. NEJay

    AB/DL Convention

    As myself and about 30 friends from the area did (a year ago in VT)... Definitely a hell of a lot of fun, but more "large group of friends renting out a resort", vs. thousands at a convention center. Having done both, I definitely prefer the former.
  15. NEJay

    hi my feinds

    So apparently we're a bunch of fiends? Diaper fiends? :)
  16. NEJay

    An ABUniverse experience update...

    I'd think Iowa would be a 3-4 day affair as they're coming from Washington, but I could be wrong. Usually anything ground is 6-7 days from the left coast to here in MA. The cool thing is that they shipped the same day... I ordered around 10-11AM, and they were shipped out that afternoon. XP and...
  17. NEJay

    An ABUniverse experience update...

    Figured I'd give a bit of an update, since I decided to give ABU one last try... I've always been pretty outspoken against them, primarily because when the first set up shop, they left a bunch of people (including myself) with unfulfilled orders... That, and the fact that they created an...
  18. NEJay

    Getting a car soon :D

    Lol... You realize that the Eclipse referenced in the OP is built on the same platform as a Dodge Stratus, right? Chrysler and Mitsubishi have been in bed with each other for decades. Perhaps he should buy an F150 that is built in Canada, a Chevy Aveo that is built in South Korea, or perhaps a...
  19. NEJay

    ABDL All-Stars

    Kinda glad to see I'm not on this list. :) I could compile a list of many that have worked for years (some even decades) to provide IRL activities for those of us in the hobby, but I doubt too many ADISCers would know of them.
  20. NEJay

    *B sleepover ideas

    Personally I'm a big fan of doing whatever myself and my friends normally do together, with the added benefit of being padded... Cook a yummy dinner, watch a movie, play video games, chill out and talk, etc.