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  1. Sanch

    what do you think of this

    Trying to claim that a 4-year-old could understand the simple idea of being an immigrant isn't crazy in and of itself. That's conceivable, if unlikely to be the case with every child of that age. However, the idea that they could understand complex legislation not only to a very basic level...
  2. Sanch

    Always feeling like I am a "Bad Little Boy"

    Caitianx, I understand how damaging a cycle like that can be, but the fact you were never praised doesn't mean you never did anything right. Nor does being yelled at signal that you were disobedient, or that you failed at anything. From the background you've given previously about your...
  3. Sanch

    Should Little’s be able to drive?

    I agree with this in essence, but I don't think Sisi's style of posting is the main issue here. The concern some posters have with Sisi is that he openly encourages us to interact with him as if he were a child, and to think of him in the same way. Despite the nature of ADISC, that's something...
  4. Sanch

    Would you obey a babygate?

    I'd be keen on the babygate idea as an occasional thing with a caregiver. Restrictions can be fun sometimes and that kind of 'rule' might help heighten my sense of Littleness. However, I think I'd grow tired of a babygate or any other constraint to my movement (like reins) after a while.
  5. Sanch


    I used to have a job writing for a cosmetics (and fashion) company, so whilst you might not have been expecting a detailed response about makeup from any heterosexual cis men, you're going to get one! :laugh: In terms of brands, it's up to you - it depends a bit on budget, and whether you're...
  6. Sanch

    Reason why I might be ABDL: I was a baby too long

    As with the OP, I think being 'babied' somewhat as a child might have increased my likelihood of enjoying ABDL, but I doubt it's the only motivating factor. I was born with a hereditary muscular condition, which means that my mobility was never as good as that of other kids, growing up. I also...
  7. Sanch

    Should Little’s be able to drive?

    I've just quoted this bit, because I feel it's the crux of the discussion. You're not a child. You've posted before about the job you have, and it sounds like a role which has significant responsibilities. Children don't have jobs, or driving licenses or the ability to post on a forum which is...
  8. Sanch

    Should Little’s be able to drive?

    Do you seriously view yourself as a child trapped in an adult's body and believe you're unable to perform tasks as a fully functioning adult would? If so then I would be extremely concerned about you being in charge of a fast-moving tonne of metal. However, if you're a responsible adult who...
  9. Sanch

    Happy Mummy's day

    Fair enough. For what it's worth, I'm really sorry to hear about your Mum being selfish and your Dad passing away. The unfortunate truth is that life is often difficult and very unfair. I know that a lot of people don't have that foundation, and whilst that makes me grateful for what I have and...
  10. Sanch

    Happy Mummy's day

    I think it's pointless trying to establish which of those two experiences is worse to endure, especially as it's impossible to know what it's like either losing a parent or being mistreated by a parent, unless you have been in that situation. I understand what you're saying though. I do think...
  11. Sanch

    Happy Mummy's day

    This is a difficult day for my family. My Mum died when I was quite young, nearly 15 years ago now. But I still love and miss her very much, as all of us do. My Dad lost his Mum a few years back too, so it's a day where we all rely on the support and love we have for one another. We always...
  12. Sanch

    Hi I am Dan paraplegic double incontinent.

    Ah, you're not far from me (Lancashire). I love swimming and watching football as well! Interesting situation at Man City now with Pellegrini going in the summer. Be interesting to see how they get on in the League and Europe in the next couple of months. :)
  13. Sanch

    Hi I am Dan paraplegic double incontinent.

    Hi Dan, Welcome to ADISC! I can only sympathise with how difficult IC is, but there are a lot of ADISCers who have the condition, so I hope you'll find the support and friendly welcome you're looking for here, from people who know what living with IC is like. This is a really kind and helpful...
  14. Sanch

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Whilst my little time is almost exclusively focused on infant/toddler things, lately I've been rediscovering the fun I had as a 12-year-old watching Disney Channel cartoons like Recess, Lloyd in Space and The Weekenders. I hadn't thought about it as a kind of ageplay until I spotted this thread...
  15. Sanch

    Preparing lunches

    You can get a Microwave Noodle Bowl from tons of places online, and they're pretty good. Noodles are healthy, extremely quick to cook (2/3 minutes) and pretty inexpensive. And I'll quite often take in some cold meats (like salami or pastrami) to put in with my noodles, to give the meal a bit...
  16. Sanch

    Guns N' Roses

    Even though I've never seen G N' R live, that concert description brought back some vivid memories. I've been a skinny teenager getting knocked about in a few muddy and sticky venues (The Pixies was a notable one), though weirdly I've only ever been injured going to see The Waterboys, when a...
  17. Sanch

    Guns N' Roses

    One of the biggest hard rock bands of all time are reuniting for Coachella in April, and it's the first time Duff McKagan and Slash will have played with Axl Rose in over 22 years. It's about the most hotly anticipated original line-up* (*or at least part of one!) which has reformed in years...
  18. Sanch

    Mental research behind Adult Baby life.

    I voted Yes, because it would be interesting to have some academic study on why so many of us - from hugely different backgrounds, and with hugely different circumstances - share this interest. The results might also be helpful if there were statistics we could quote, for occasions when we...
  19. Sanch

    Nap time?

    I do take a nap occasionally. I have a muscle-wasting condition so days when I've been required to do quite a lot of travelling and been on my feet a lot, will sometimes be followed by a nap the following day. Or the nap will happen as soon as the weekend arrives, if I'm not working from home...
  20. Sanch

    Oh it was. I might well spend tomorrow evening the same way! :D

    Oh it was. I might well spend tomorrow evening the same way! :D