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  1. LittleMonster


    So I'm pretty active in my local kink community, and yesterday I was invited to be on the panel for a podcast. I can't link it here because of the 18+ issue, but if you're over 18 (and listed as such so that I can see you are), I can push you in the right direction. It's not a dinky podcast...
  2. LittleMonster

    Piercings: Love 'em, hate 'em, have 'em?

    Just wondering, really. I want to get a septum piercing in the future, perhaps (and this is a big perhaps) gauge my ears out a little bit. What do you guys think of piercings in general? And if you have piercings, would you do it again or do you regret it? I'm planning on being a teacher, but...
  3. LittleMonster

    How tall are you?

    Just wondering, haha. Like the title says, how tall are you? Are you comfortable with your height? Do you wish you were taller/shorter? Are you finished growing? I'm just curious. I'm 5'7"(ish), and I'm pretty happy with my height, I suppose. Sometimes I do wish I was a little shorter, but...
  4. LittleMonster

    Why all the wolves?

    No, really. Ever since I found out about furries I've wondered: Why wolves (or foxes)? It just seems like the community is OVERRUN with them. Not that wolves (or foxes) are bad, I was just wondering why so many people identify with them? Is it the "lone wolf/outsider" mentality? Is it the...
  5. LittleMonster

    My Advice to ADISC

    To all of us who complain about not having friends. Sometimes, this is the key.
  6. LittleMonster

    About as babyfur as I get.

    Yep. She's a werewolf, but I actually have that plush. His name is Algernon, and he's from build-a-bear. I commissioned this piece from a friend (for only $10!). She's not babyfur-friendly (I don't think she even knows what they are), but she's on deviantART and she does some awesome...
  7. LittleMonster

    Food you could eat yourself silly with.

    So I just ate 5 tomatoes, because I love tomatoes. I eat them like apples with a little salt on them. Yum. :3 I could honestly eat some more, but I don't have anymore. Alas. So I was wondering, what foods can you eat and eat and eat? I don't mean favorite food, because sometimes you can only...
  8. LittleMonster


    Well, I've had a good run here, ADISC. But I've just received an ultimatum from my parents. If my grades don't come up next semester, they're not helping me with money. And my biggest problem has been the Internet. So I'm leaving my laptop at home during the fall semester in hopes that I'll be...
  9. LittleMonster

    Just solved my first Rubik's cube!

    I did, and I am quite proud of myself. I was sitting in my living room when I solved it, and when I did, I held it up in the air and let out a triumphant battle cry. My roommates all looked at me funny, and one of the guys that was in our apartment was like, "So?" So it made me wonder: Have...
  10. LittleMonster

    Dogs vs Cats vs Everything Else

    Well, what do you like more? I like dogs more than cats, so there. :3 I have two dogs, a turtle, and three fish. Pretty straightforward question, I think. >.> AGH I FORGOT FISH. D: I apologize.
  11. LittleMonster

    Question about Pronunciation

    How do you pronounce "paci?" I've always wondered. Myself, I say, "potch-ee." But I have a feeling I'm a minority. Anyway, any thoughts on this?
  12. LittleMonster

    New Here (Go Figure ;D)

    Heya, my name's Ollie, and I'm from Utah. I'm a babyfur, a border collie to be exact. (Ollie the Border Collie, clever, hehe.) I'm currently taking a semester off from college, but I'm going back in the summer. Other than the obvious AB interest, I really love theatre, and I played water...