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  1. Dark Bringer

    Incontinence not a sub forum

    I've been thinking for a while that Incontinence really should be it's own forum and not be hidden under Diaper Talk. I don't see how it necessarily should always be in that category. I do know it was recently discussed whether to even keep that at all. I think that as a support community we...
  2. Dark Bringer

    Zelda movie: The Hero of Time

    Has anyone else heard about this? Some people made an unofficial and independent movie based on the Legend of Zelda. I've taken film classes before so I have an idea of what it takes just to complete a simple project, what they did (with essentially no budget) has to be amazing. I know there...
  3. Dark Bringer

    Which diaper is she wearing?

    Anyone know which brand this is, I think it might be Attends. Lisa putting on a diaper Am I right?
  4. Dark Bringer

    My coming out

    As long as I could remember, I was curious about what it would feel like to wear a diaper. It was frustrating that I didn't have any memories of wearing while I did get to see my younger sister and cousins in them. I felt like I missed out. If it weren't for the baby pictures, I almost might...