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  1. wwetbed

    Is there a trend of more kids having delayed potty training in the UK and elsewhere? (please give your comments)

    My friend shared an article with me today, and I thought I'd make a posting about it if it wasn't already on the site (if it is, ADMINS: feel free to delete this posting). According to "The Daily Mail", more parents are busy and delaying potty training longer now then ever before. This is...
  2. wwetbed

    Suggestion (Share) Welcome to ADISC banner (photoshopped from Welcome to Las Vegas sign)

    Hey Everyone! I photoshopped the "famous" Welcome to Las Vegas sign (which dates back to 1959) to make it: Welcome to (fabulous) ADISC! background info on the original Welcome to Vegas sign: and...
  3. wwetbed

    Hillarious Footy Sleeper Video! (view it and comment about it!)

    click the blue hyperlink below after watching for 4 minutes, please comment on your reaction! I ROCK ONESIES!!! (COMEDY RAP) OFFICIAL VIDEO! - YouTube
  4. wwetbed

    Whats your prediction when ADISC will get it's 400,000th post? (DATE, TIME - down to the minute)

    My prediction is Monday June 28th, at 6:15 PM (EDT, GMT -5) (that's 11:15 PM in London) ADISC will have 400,000 postings! It's just a random guess without any algorithms! Also: MOO, who is the 400,000th poster? (and when was it!!) Statistics========== (as of 12:30...
  5. wwetbed

    Koolest cities for going to college as a AB/D: (undergrad/ grad school, etc)

    I Just thought this might be a fun thread! I live just above New York City, and despite being the biggest city in the state and the country, and all that NYC offers, it' s NOT the best place to go to college for a AB/DL. What city (that you have lived in) would you recommend thats "AB/DL...
  6. wwetbed

    BIG KID AT SUNDOWN (new Pullups commercial on TV)

    check this out/ seen it sunday night when watching NBC the summer olympics closing ceremonies; one of the koolest diaper ads i ever seen! **click bottom right thingy 2 enlarge 2 a full-screen...
  7. wwetbed

    introductions Will in NY (thought i poseted b4 2nd shot here)

    33/ M/ NYC area Weight: 172 lbs (78 kg) Height: 6'0" (183 cm) Hair: Dirty blond Eyes: Blue Other: I sleep in Goodnites or Dipes (most nights, if @ all possible!!) AB/DL Interest: DL Scene Interests: Interested in chatting with other ppl like me. Was a bedwetter as a kid. Long...