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    inserting boosters in the new abu diapers

    I've had disastrous results trying to modify ABU diapers, much like you're describing. Since they have some pretty tall leak guards, I just put the booster in there 'the old fashioned way'. I couldn't bring myself to go cutting up such nice dips. I know this doesn't answer your question but I...
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    Longest baby diaper

    I agree. Even though they're considerably more money than what you can find in a typical grocery store, they're worth it; you get what you pay for. Tena makes some very comfy and absorbent dips. Also, of course you have the ABDL-specific dips, like ABU's. I like theirs, and again, you get what...
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    When people lose bladder control from wearing

    I think if you wear 24/7 for any length of time it is very hard to regain control right away, even though many healthy people probably could re-train. I just know from my own experiences of totally letting go that it can be dangerous. It's not always that easy to go back; you find yourself using...
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    Super Undies

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    safe and secure

    I always sleep better with one. I think I even get longer/better R.E.M. sleep too. Diapers are just a big overall comfort, like a security blanket.
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    Ordering from ABU?

    Totally unrelated but I like your avatar @notarealname. Big fan of Infamous but I haven't got the third one yet; should I?
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    Diaper Space Help!

    I deleted my account from that website. It's terrible, even though I'm sure the original intentions were alright.
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    I noticed they are making Pull-Ups now that fit me, as well as the Goodnites, Underjams, DryNites, and more, but I also have a MUCH smaller frame than you @Iroh...I'm only 5'9"/135 with 30" waist so I can pretty much wear any of the large sized baby diapers. However, back to the point, I have...
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    yet another "Bambinos are amazing" experience thread

    Yes, the Belissimos are really expensive and for someone who likes a fresh diaper, well, I'll stick to my favorites; Bambino Classico and ABU Super Dry Kids (I like to switch it up), among others I will try on a whim. The other diapers that Bambino makes are excellent, and while the Belissimo is...
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    yet another "Bambinos are amazing" experience thread

    I like your review! What I find interesting and cool is that you and I basically had the same experience and I think it's safe to say that the Bambies ARE REALLY AWESOME DIAPERS!!! ..but not perfect. Here's MY breakdown of the Bambino Bellissimo diapers: *Very well-made diapers and they are...
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    Bedwetting 'technique'.

    Some excellent advice: Don't ever start! I was never a drinker myself, but I've seen too many people go the wrong path. I just had to say it. - - - Updated - - - I am definitely willing to put this orange juice thing to the test. I always drink it in the morning, but never at night. Although...
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    Need some advice.

    In my opinion, you're doing really well with the cards you've been dealt. I've had a rough time of it myself, none of which I care to get into..but..I just turned 25 and my life played out in a similar way. I got out of diapers very early in life and went back to them time and time again, and of...
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    ASDA - Selling Onesie-Style-Underwear

    I'm not a fan of the really big/cushy diapers so I think that would be pretty cool BUT, guaranteed it's a pain to find a size that fits good on both your upper and lower halves. I forget where I read it, but someone wrote in a post I read a while back that they like to buy those big, long, soft...
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    Honesty is the Best Policy: Don't be embarrassed of your diapers!

    Yes, regrettably I stopped posting on the forums because I haven't had much personal time. However I'm glad to report I fixed that problem! I find I'm a lot happier when I can both visit and talk about diapers with the scores of others who love them too. As a note to CycleChick and Falkio, As...
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    Honesty is the Best Policy: Don't be embarrassed of your diapers!

    Zeek61, I understand completely and I'm glad you shared your experience. I suppose now that I've had time to reflect and read your reply that I've realized some more things. One is that I am inherently one of those types of people who's simply not quick to feel persecuted by people's average...
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    telling a friend

    First read the post I just finished typing-up, then you'll [I]want[I] to tell her!
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    Honesty is the Best Policy: Don't be embarrassed of your diapers!

    Reading the threads on the forum, I'm saddened by the fact that so many guys (and even a few girls) are so scared to talk to anyone, primarily their lovers, about their love for diapers. There are so many threads that show there are tons of lovers out there who are too scared to talk to their...
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    Holy Cow! It happened!

    I've been trying to do this for years on and off and haven't succeeded, and even though you might think it's bittersweet, I'm pretty sure the general consensus is that we're envious of you! I've tried a lot of things and I wear quite a lot at times but I've still not been able to wet at night...
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    How to put it...?

    I was just replying to someone else who was in a similar predicament. I've had a lot of success with diapers and girls; I think many girls (even girls in their late 20s!) secretly love acting like children and they think diapers are soft, cuddly, and cute. ...and I wouldn't argue that! The best...
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    Thinking about telling her....

    I have had several experiences introducing diapers into a relationship; whether it was both of us or one of us, my idea was only rejected once by a very boring girl. Her acceptance of it has a lot to do with her personality, which you probably know very well by now so that gives you an edge. You...