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    ABU Little King

    Disappointing. The feeling of plastic is important to me. I have never liked any cottonfeel products. Considering how much attention this product receives, the market for a plastic version has to be large enough. Reactions are mostly about the design, not the material.
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    Tykables Camelots & sizing?

    The first time I tried a tykables diaper the position of the tapes confused me. Now I'm used to it and I place them like on the little rawrs pictures: The bottom tapes go higher than usual and the top tapes go lower than usual. It's unlike many...
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    One diaper for the rest of your life?

    Tykables camelots, but only if they're a good batch. Those from the pack I have now tend to explode after heavy use. I want a diaper that can handle heavy use without breaking down. Other than that I love them. They're comfortable, thick, the hook and loop tapes work very well and the print is...
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    If you wake up in a clean diaper do you reuse it?

    I wear a diaper every night just for comfort. I don't pee in my sleep so I wake up dry every time. I use one diaper per week that way. In the weekend I poop and pee in it.
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    Im screwed

    If you prefer prefer to be screwed that's up to you.
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    Im screwed

    Hide them somewhere else outside of the house? In a forest, for example. If you do that, at least you have time to think about what to do next.
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    Does ABU finally have fixed printing for diapers?

    Maybe it's difficult given the machines they already have? I don't know how difficult it is to integrate a sensor with those machines. It makes sense that it's possible and baby diapers have fixed prints but there must be a reason manufacturers of ABDL diapers don't have that.
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    Peeing lay down struggle

    Is it a good idea to even try this? If you get used to peeing in this position, maybe you will start peeing while sleeping too. That's what I've always thought and it's why I've never tried to do it.
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    Does ABU finally have fixed printing for diapers?

    Every diaper looks pretty much exactly the same. The fact that they can do that allows for prints designed for specifically the back and front, for example. All other ABDL diapers don't have that. They have some kind of repeating pattern. The exact positions of elements of the print is...
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    Does ABU finally have fixed printing for diapers?

    This is indeed interesting. If it's possible to make one whole diaper design, why not more? It opens up many possibilities. But this design is already very nice. It really looks like a baby diaper. I hope they will be made with plastic too.
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    What’s the longest you’ve stayed in a poopy diaper?

    30 hours I like to wear my dirty diaper for as long as possible. It just feels so nice. If I don't have to take it off I don't. How long that is depends on various things. Sometimes I start to feel skin irritation. When I feel that I stop immediately and then it's fine. I have ignored it a few...
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    Memory loss in littlespace

    When you enter littlespace again, do you get those memories back? I don't understand what littlespace is so this is a wild guess.
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    Seni Quatro v. Abena M4

    I tried seni quattro in 2015. At that time I was trying various cottonfeel products as an alternative for the plastic abri-form m4. I disliked them, probably for the usual reasons people dislike cottonfeel products. I don't trust my memory 100% on what was wrong. (I recall they had the problem...
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    New to Tykables

    Can you post some pictures?
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    Reuse tabs

    I use ulith star 2001 tape. It's strong and sticks well. Cheap tape doesn't work. You need good quality. You can fold a small part of a corner of the tape onto itself to make it easy to refasten, like a diaper tape.
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    Forsite if I had to choose because I have used those diapers for years (branded either as comficare, crinklz and forsite). I haven't had any "bad batches". They just deliver quality products. My only complaint is that they're just a little short for me but that's personal. They're a bit small (I...
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    Is there a reason ABDL companies don't make good booster pads?

    Azipad is still available here: I ordered 2 packs and received them (in the Netherlands). They're soft indeed, very similar to AO vorlagen. They're even a bit thicker. The pack says that they...
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    tykables 7000 ML diapers

    If the idea in this thread is true then it doesn't surprise me. I've had a "bad batch" 3 times with rearz diapers and don't trust them anymore. It may be the manufacturer being unreliable. My last pack...
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    SAP and pulp coming out of the diaper

    Thanks for the replies. Some posts were removed from this thread. I already said I don't use any skin protection and there was a reply after that too.
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    Fresh diaper minority

    I also like both. It all feels great.