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    Best ways to show my wife/mommy/caregiver i appreciate her.

    My relationahip is super wierd on and off for about 8 years. Anyways Things seem to have finally stabilized. 3 months without an issue is a big deal for us. What's some great ways my little self can show her i appreciate her.?
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    Coming back after a long hiatus.

    Hello everyone. My name is Christian or Chrissy. I'm 24. I'm from the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. I've been offline for quite sometime now and in just getting back into the scene. Most likely permanently now. Diapers always have been life. I left mainly due to being nuisance to society...
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    Diaper with the tallest leak gaurds/ leg gathers? good for boosters and double diapering.

    Hi everyone, i am looking for the diaper with the tallest leg gathers; I like to use liners or double diaper when I wear. i was wondering if any one knew. I would also love any hints and tips any one has on double diapering, or, using liners without having leaks.
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    woke up messy for the first time :)

    i used a two suppositories before i went to sleep last night and i woke up messy. it was so exciting i'm super happy right now i didn't even wake up to mess. yay.
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    double diapering tips please

    i usually cut a slit down the bottom of the diapers on the inside it usually works out but is there any ideas or tips you guys have?:graduate:
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    What's good.

    Hi, My name is Christian. I have been an AB/DL for a very long time since i was about 8 and i am now almost 21. I'm not really an adult baby so much as I am a little. I act like i'm a 3 year old not really a baby. I have an attachment to my pacifier that I just can't explain. I like to wear...