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    How much does a diaper rash hurt?

    I would think that I could be pretty painful (I wouldn't know i have never gotten it) and if you keep using diapers im sure it could get quite bad.... which leads me to a question. What are you supposed to use down there to help prevent this sort of thing anyway? A brand name would be helpful, I...
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    Latex Gloves (or somthing of the sort)

    To me it doesn't seem that it is less comforting, just a way to do it differently i guess. Scince I have always done it with the gloves I think I'll try with out em next time =)
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    Latex Gloves (or somthing of the sort)

    Umm.... yeah just umm that's... deffinatly something different.
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    Latex Gloves (or somthing of the sort)

    I am surprised i haven't seen a thread like this before (...maby i didn't look hard enough) But in short, have you ever used latex gloves (or something else if you are allergic to the latex) when putting on/changing your own diaper? I did this once and it was an interesting experience. Mainly I...
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    Attends? where to buy...

    So, all I have tried so far in the adult diaper line up is the "Certainty Fitted Briefs (medium)". These work O.K. but the elastic tends to get loose after a few hours, so I was thinking about trying Attends. I live in Colorado, does anyone know if there is a store that carries these? So far I...
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    Does anyone work at a place that sells diapers?

    I work at walmart, I saw I girl (in her late teens) buying rasberry pills(i think thats what is was) for the specific reason that they would make her pee alot.... lol. You could guess what I thought when she told me that.
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    I woudn't know about any of that. i only found the site about a month or two ago, and i finally got around to posting =)
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    tips etc. this site has been quite helpful in the past, there's a lot of good information on here. and the comunity is great!
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    Hi, just looking for any helpful info. If i get anything good ill post it