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    Nappied Gamers. How common and on what genre?

    Whenever I can I am ussaly am , and I don't really have a type but recently I have been playing skyrim and oblivion
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    First time Wearing

    One of us, one of us
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    Becoming a 24/7 Wearer

    My only advice is just do it, I just got my first ones last, Thursday and o like them so much I have been wearing them since I got them, I still use the bathroom for #2 as its messy and I don't want to have to change then diaper all the time
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    got my first diapers

    Yes it is amazing, pointers? Um look up how to put them on lol , I put mine on back wards the first time
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    got my first diapers

    Well my first diapers just arrived, I have only tried on the depends underwear, but they are so amazing. Its like im a different person when wearing them and they are so comfortable
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    bought my first diapers!

    I bought a 3 pack of the depends diaper underwear and an 18 pack of some other brand for 12.99 I played 8.99 for 2 day delivery
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    bought my first diapers!

    I will probably have to wait till next Monday I still live with parents and that's the next time they will be gone unless they go out saturday
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    bought my first diapers!

    I just ordered my first diapers online I'm so excited the first shipment will be here friday
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    i feel like im the only one... balloon diapers

    If you read the posts he says he cuts holes in it and puts it on
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    i feel like im the only one... balloon diapers

    how can't you do this? You just make a gallon diaper like they did and pee in it
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    So,There goes my Diapered weekend!

    I highly doubt it was the McDonalds (or at least spoiled chicken) now yes some McDonalds are total crap but they still have to follow the basic stand reds
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    How do you cope with horror movies?

    Well most the time they don't phase me but when they do (I.E. watching ghost ship on a cruise, and the little girl on the evil dead commercial) I ussaly go into a state of regression and paranoid
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    this wont take over/ruin my life will it?

    I have to disagree with there will be no withdraw, no there well be no shakes like a heroin addict(and why did you automatically go to the worse addicts?) But I know from experience when I don't do/have something I'm addicted to I ussaly get heads aches, angry, etc... - - - Updated - - - I...
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    If Someone Heard a Rustling Sound

    It probably would be, but think everyone exactly like you , all of them endless hours in different bodies for all time you would just be a copy , and that kids is our creepy thought of the night
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    If Someone Heard a Rustling Sound

    Yea but you loved that sound and were fascinated by them, a normal person with no kids and probably most dads with older kids won't be like "I know that noise, its a diaper!" They will be like "ehh noise "
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    If Someone Heard a Rustling Sound

    Well not nessacarly that could have no kids and most likely don't remember the sound, hell I heard diapers just last Saturday and can't remember the noise , I mean its not something one generally saves to their memory unless they are always around them
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    If Someone Heard a Rustling Sound

    If I was a non DL I wouldn't care/notice at all,espically if I didn't know about DLs and ABs
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    Airport security looked through my hand carry

    Yea I have to agree even if I wasn't a DL I would have to wear diapers (and also probably be sedated) because I'm so afraid of flying I would pee myself
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    whats the coolest thing you have ever bought?

    Mine would have to be a 23k gold plated pokemon card(a jiggly puff one) that was unopened for 10$ Not only is it awesome it will also come the same day as my free diaper samples (if those arrive) so again pokemon helps me trough a time of my life
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    What celebrity will you miss when he/she passes away?

    Betty white and Morgan Freeman