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    Trying New Diapers

    Thanks for the replies! Are the M4s really that much more absorbent? I'm happy with molicare absorbenxy but if the Abenas are really that much more, that would be awesome. Also, how does their dry thickness compare?
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    Trying New Diapers

    I'm going to buy some more diapers (online) in the next couple of days. The most premium diaper I have used thus far is a Molicare Super Plus. I looked at xp medical diaper test chart and it said that Abena M4 and Absorbency 4 both hold 50% or more more than a molicare for a similar price. From...
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    Paper Towel as Stuffer

    Anyone ever use paper towels as disposable stuffers? Add bulk and a little absorbency?
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    XS vs medium

    About a year ago i got my hand on some xs molicare super plus's and now im getting some mediums that will actually fit comfortably. How do the different sizes compare in actual absorbancy?
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    Anti fart underwear

    With just diapers you have a severe odor issue
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    Anti fart underwear

    So i saw an add for under ease, a flatulence reducing underwear. I was wonderinf if the filter pants could be worn over diapers to mess in public.
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    Roomy Plastic Pants

    I finally got some plastic pants and fit almost perfectly on the legs and waste but i would have to wear a matress to fill them. Any advice on gettinf a tighter fit.
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    Heat of plastic pants

    I just ordered some real plastic pants :) and was wondering how they compare heat wise to the trashbag-makeshift alternative.
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    Amazon shipping

    Thanks. I checked and it is usps as i would prefer. I cant wait to finally get my hands on real plastic pants for my cloth diapers, trashbags i imagine are just not the same.
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    Amazon shipping

    Thankyou for your spot on answer. :) for clarification did the envelope come to your door or through normal mail.
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    Amazon shipping

    But what about smaller items. Someone who reviewed the pants alluded to them ( being a much smaller item) coming in a brown envelope in the mail. I was wondering if that were true.
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    Amazon shipping

    To those who have bought plastic pants from amazon, do they come in little (well i guess comparatively big) envelopes or do they come in a small box (like delivered to the door rather than mailbox). Im just curious because it would change my mail interception plan.
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    Night Urges

    Ill wear cloth diapers to bed. Its mainly for comfort but i might wet the bed every couple months even if im not wearing one. My problem is that lately ive been irregular (if ypu know what i mean) and two hours before i should be getting up i wake up with a horrible diahhrea (?) urge. I could...
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    Butt Plug Help

    Get it in. Slides out.
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    Butt Plug Help

    I like to use a butt plug sometimes to avoid messes, but it always seems to come 1/4 or more of the way out almost immediately. Any advice?
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    First time messing

    My biggest suggestion is to wait until you have an hour or more with no parents. Theres a lot of cleaning up to do, between cleaning yourself amd disposing of the diaper.
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    Holding It In Feeling

    When youve got to got number 2 (or 1 but less climatic) you put on a diaper and hold it until you just cant and it all comes out. I love the final feeling of release.
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    Urge to Mess

    Does anyone else get much looser bowels when in diapers. Unless i have not eaten for like eight hours, i always feel the need to poop (significantly) within an hour. If i wear a diaper to be i almost always wake up around 5 a.m. and have poop pounding at the back door for a blowout.
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    IC vs. ABDL

    I think the two major reasons people are tabooed by dls is because they think diapers are childish amd horribly unhygenic. IC people knoe those are not neccessarily true and them having something a little taboo about them ( although not by choice) i would imagine most have a tolerant whatever...
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    If a place existed would you do it

    Id probably try a weekend, but i think of diapers more as a kink than something id want to define me.