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  1. MsClara

    Bug Report Can't Reply to posts

    In the past day or so whenever I click the "reply" or "reply with quote" buttons, all I get is the loading animation, and then more loading animation... has anyone else had this problem? I'm using Firefox on Windows Vista if that makes any difference.
  2. MsClara

    How to choose a friend to come out to / why do so many people choose a female?

    (I think this would be the right forum, because people have talked about coming out here...) Title basically explains the thread (seems to be better if you do that rather than expecting people to actually read the post :smile1: ) I have told my two closest friends about being ABDL. I picked...
  3. MsClara

    my name is (not) riddle, and I am an ab/dl

    This is an intro thread, and it's the only one I've ever written, despite the fact that I've been a member here, on the previous incarnation of this forum for years and years...(although that doesn't mean I won't appreciate it if you say "hi" now ;-) I justify posting now on three points: 1...
  4. MsClara

    Disposing of Disposables

    So - got my first pack of disposables through the mail today. (From Nanny Amy AB Dreams - Adult Baby Nursery with Nanny Amy UK Midlands who does 5 Tena Superplus for £10 including p&p which is, yes a high unit price, but she does send them very well double wraped in brown paper and a bin liner...