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  1. Badger

    Are you IPv6 ready?

    AAISP is one. There are one or two others, too. They're all fairly "premium"/business-type ISPs, however. AAISP are very good, I really cannot fault them, but you get what you pay for - i.e. each 2GB of data transfer during the day (0900-1800) costs about £3 (outside of those hours, and at...
  2. Badger

    I am so embarassed- accident at hospital appointment.

    Given the circumstances and what was involved, I would imagine that they would be very used to that sort of thing happening. From what you describe, it's almost as if they'd be surprised if that didn't happen... I really wouldn't worry about it :)
  3. Badger

    Your most maxed-out data ever?

    Can I just say that the network operators aren't being "greedy" or "tight-fisted". There is a physical limit to the amount of data that can be transferred to or from a given cell tower for a specific amount of bandwidth (the original use of "bandwidth" - i.e. electromagnetic frequency range)...
  4. Badger

    Marble Blast Gold

    It seems that Marble Blast Gold is the prequel to Marble Blast Ultra, which is on Xbox Live Arcade and is great fun, if more than five years(!) old :) It'd be nice to get a sequel to MBU at some point, come to think of it...
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    Amazon (UK) Selling 27 Drynites for £8.71

    This may be of interest to those in the UK who like Drynites, and who have a moderate amount of space in which to store them: are currently selling a triple-pack of Drynites (i.e. three packs of nine) for £8.71, which is a mere 54% of what you'd pay for the same from Boots (where a...
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    2 Computer Problems

    That should be a simple case of going to Help -> Check for Updates and following the wizard. Not sure what's up if that isn't the case :/ Edit: Oh wait, Linux. It might want to do all software upgrades through its package manager. Um, which distribution of Linux is it running (e.g. Ubuntu...
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    Stuck in the UK traffic with no diapers

    "British cars"? How would one define that? The majority of supposedly-British car manufacturers are now owned by foreign companies, and there isn't a huge amount of manufacturing done around here, either (I know of a Honda factory in Swindon, and there are a few Ford factories around, but I...
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    If you had a twin...

    Seconded :-P My (not-twin) brother and I talked about doing stuff like that when we were in our early teens (I was probably about 15 while he was 13), but we never actually did anything. As such, if I had a twin, I evidently wouldn't be opposed to sexual experimentation.
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    Cage against the Machine?

    I'll definitely consider it, and have joined the Facebook group (and was one of those to buy the RATM single last year), but there is a certain amount of irony in sticking a middle finger up to the X-Factor single buyers' sheep mentality by doing exactly the same thing with a different track...
  10. Badger

    Pictures of yourself wearing...Have you?

    I've taken dozens of them for "personal use" (not fapping - masturbating over yourself seems a bit weird, if you ask me - but more for curiosity's sake), and my boyfriend has a few of me wearing, too. I haven't uploaded any anywhere, and to be honest I'm not overly bothered about it anyway. If...
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    Diapered for the Holiday

    I'm having my boyfriend round my house for a week between Christmas and New Year, and we plan to be padded & in sleepers the whole time. Whether that actually happens is another matter (we tend to just think "meh, sod it" when the time comes, if history is any indication), but that's the plan...
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    Google tracks topics from ADISC

    More information on how easy it is to exclude search engine spiders from a site, if you're interested: Robots exclusion standard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Nappies supplied

    Well we're talking the NHS, here, rather than some US medical insurance company. Medical insurers tend to do whatever they can to avoid having to actually pay out at all, whereas the NHS is very good and, many would argue, in fact give stuff out *too* easily (I have, in the past, been...
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    GN Boxers discontinued???

    I always thought that they were quite rubbish compared to the other Goodnites products, but I never tried them myself. Maybe people realised that and so sales were very poor?
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    ADISC on Android/Iphone

    I've only had that prompt a handful of times on my iPod. I assume that it's setting a cookie when you dismiss it and then never showing again all the time that cookie exists. The iOS app isn't much better. The list of PMs doesn't update when you delete one, so you're stuck either manually...
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    Feedback Requested Acronyms

    I'm fairly sure it's being changed both when new posts are submitted AND when existing posts are displayed. I doubt that old posts have had their contents (as stored in the database) changed.
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    Feedback Requested Acronyms

    Sorry for any confusion, but what I described is actually happening. Type a post containing any of the aforementioned abbreviations and they are automatically converted to the expanded form, thus rendering it impossible to use those abbreviations in their original form. Go on, try it... (you can...
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    ADISC on Android/Iphone

    Ah ok, fair enough. I just saw a couple of posts with that footer in and assumed that it was required, but then I also assume that everyone automatically goes through an app's settings as soon as they install it, which I'm well aware is not actually the case... In other "get your grubby paws...
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    Feedback Requested Acronyms

    So you're now having the forum replace those abbreviations with the full terms in all posts? That's beyond annoying. Especially given that these acronyms could also mean myriad other things. "bf" can mean "boyfriend" just as much as it means "babyfur", and the capitalisation of the...
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    ADISC on Android/Iphone

    It means that there's a native app for those devices (called Tapatalk) which you can use as an alternative interface for the forum. It theoretically makes the forum easier to browse on iOS/Android devices, but it seems like it will also attach a footer (along the lines of "Posted from my...