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  1. chamberpot

    Who else started off the New Year waking up wet

    1 down 364 to go, woke in a sopping wet Mega-Max thinking it is now 2022 and it has been a year since I wet myself, well it was last year I am sure I'll be able to stay in this diaper for a good bit longer, A great way to start off the New Year :) Happy New Year everybody:)
  2. chamberpot

    Diaper spillage
  3. chamberpot

    Free shipping from Northshore

    I got an e-mail today saying that Northshore will do free shipping to continental USA,,, didn't say for how long
  4. chamberpot

    Who remembers the jingle"how dry I am"

    When I was a child I rember this jingle , as a mater of fact it is from this jingle that I think I may of started out enjoying wetting myself, I would stand out side and start the jingle and wet myself before I got to the bathroon. I think it went something like this: How dry i am How wet I'll...
  5. chamberpot

    Playing with matches and wetting the bed?

    When I was young (1950's) every time I got caught playing with matches and lighting fires I was always told that if you play with matches you would become a bedwetter,, all i know this was true in my case ,, could of been a self for fulling as I always wet my pants when playing with matches ...
  6. chamberpot

    Good story on MSN Money site today

    Looking at MSN this evening and in the money section they had this article
  7. chamberpot

    Have a week to myself

    Wife is off visiting until next Monday .. so I have the week to wear my cloth AIO diapers. been in just a diaper and t-shirt since I got home from work. Usually I only get to wear a disposable at night to keep from wetting the bed, she is ok with that of that but not real happy with it.
  8. chamberpot

    Depends TV ad

    Just saw a new prime time TV ad for Depends. This one is titled Drop your pants for depends and they have hundreds of people walking the street in their depends underwear... pretty cool ad
  9. chamberpot

    Most downlaoded book in New York

    So I'm looking at MSN homepage this evening and their poll question for the day was "have you read any of the the most downloaded books in each state" , with a list of all fifty states and there is # 33. New York: The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee by Sarah Silverman cool...
  10. chamberpot

    Unprotected wettings while dressed

    Does anyone else find wetting without diaper protection to be an enjoyable experience. I wet my pants on a very regular basis I find it to be the ultimate in being a AB, a AB at the age where one would of been trained and not needing diapers any longer but still having accidents, I will stay in...
  11. chamberpot


    Hi, Have lurked for awhile, I am thankful for such a nice site as is presented here. I have been a lifelong wetter sometimes diapered sometimes not, I learned about doing laundry early and often. Like many I too thought for years that I was the only person who enjoyed diapers, wetting and...