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  1. Puffs

    Starbound ABDL Mod?

    This may have been posted before i don't know but im posting it ^-^ i came over this ABDL mod for Starbound today and its awesome Link to the mod: i dont take any credit for anything! i just...
  2. Puffs

    i think im ready to say it... im a sissy!

    well i think im ready to say that im a sissy, cause i just got my white/pink striped knee socks today and i love em >//< im wearing em with my pink diaper
  3. Puffs

    Got my Pink AwwSoCute diapers!

    When i got home today these were laying in the mail waiting for me ^-^ cant wait to try them on later EDIT: More picture
  4. Puffs

    Problems with AwwSoCute?

    Well i ordered/Pre-ordered the new pink diaper from awwsocute and first on the site it said that it would be sent May 15, and then it changed too May 25 - 30 and its still not sent a month after and they stopped answering me too so im kinda confused cause i have seen other people not having...
  5. Puffs

    >//< omg the oatmeal thinggy in diapers are just...

    AWESOME ^//^ i love the feeling of the warm oatmeal just laying in my diaper being squishy, cause i have kinda done nr2 stuff in my diaper before but i just couldnt stand the smell and the cleanup, but this is just perfect if you dont wanna stress. Just put in a second load of oatmeal in my...
  6. Puffs

    i was watching a movie and then i saw this

    so i started watching "Shoot Em Up" and they had a scene that i would say is pretty abdl ish, and i found a youtube clip of it and i wanted to share it with fellow abdl's :3 ABDL: SHOOT'EM UP!!!! Movie - YouTube (not the best quality tho but it was the best i found) and sorry if this is posted...
  7. Puffs

    Furry Diapers!?

    I just got an email from that the vote for the Furry Diaper design just started and i though i should inform you guys too What one do you guys hope wins? :3 Personaly i hope the Anime Characters Theme win, cause that was my favorite :3 Click here to goto the vote page...
  8. Puffs

    Baby powder?

    Hey im kinda new to this baby powder. so i was wondering if i could get some info/help like, anywhere to order it online? (EU) and how is the usage of it? like how much and do you use it every time you are diapered ? (Sorry if i spelled anything wrong or posted wrong)
  9. Puffs

    I was browsing reddit and found this :)

    "This may not be allowed but just delete it or move it or whatever is wrong" I was browsing Reddit and found this, and it might be the luckyest guy in the world over 18?
  10. Puffs

    Black diapers?

    i was searching through the internet and i found a image of black diapers! and they look so comfy! So im wondering if someone here have seen em and know where to get them? and are they expensive? Image:
  11. Puffs

    Im baaaack :3

    Hello Adisc people i made an account a few months back and i was only 17 but guess who just turned 18 today :3 not alot to say about me, im mostly a Diaper Lover but i think i may be a little Adult Baby but not 100% sure. if there is anything you wanna know about me i guess you can just ask :)