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    Hotel Privacy

    Question: I want to try to maintain some privacy in a hotel. For example I want to be able to stay in the room for hours or leave and come back. I don't want a housekeeper to come and change sheets or clean up etc? What is the best way to accomplish this? The reason is I'm a Diaper Lover and I...
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    Setting up my bed for unlimited wettings (Are these products a good start?)

    If you don't know about my previous posts. But encase you don't let me explain. Last time I tried to improve diaper leaking while in bed. But I just wet to much. I usually wet the bed at least twice per week. Up to five times some weeks. But I wet as many times as I need during the night. And in...
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    Do you want to be accepted an have others know?

    Do you want to be accepted and have others know that you personally want to use diapers? I guess it also depends on who you would want to know? Difference between a lover knowing, or family or strangers etc. I'm also curious if DL and AB have a different view point on this? I bet it comes down...
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    Diaper using in public etiquette!

    I'm just interested in hearing if I'm over stepping the general limits of using a diaper in public. I want to know were you all draw the line. Everyone is going to be different? And we even have different reasons of wearing diapers. Sometimes it's incontinent. And for some people it's...
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    I need help understanding why my diaper leaks in bed?

    Hello, I'm asking this question to see if others are having the same problem? Here are the Diaper Brands I use currently Albena and TENA. I have tried multiple different types from these brands. I tried getting ones that are exactly for my size and I even tried one size larger because I heard...
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    I'm often embarrassed when I talk about this.

    Hello I'm Erica. I'm shy and embarrassed to have made this profile. I tried so long to get the help I needed without having to come out like this. I don't like admitting that I wear adult diapers. You would never catch me telling a friend or lover. It's not that terrible of a thing to get...